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5 Amazing Board Games Announced for 2020 – Monolith, CMON and More

Beyond the Monolith, Night of the Living Dead – a Zombicide Game, Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, Gangster’s Dilemma, Almanac: The Dragon Road

With less and less days left until the end of 2019, we keep getting excited by all the new games coming next year. Announcements of titles, that will be crowdfunded through 2020, keep coming almost every day now. 

We’ve already taken a few looks at upcoming games by major publishers, but after some weeks a whole new batch got announced on social media and during Essen SPIEL.

Today we’ll tell you about 5 games coming to Kickstarter next year. We’re again focusing on fan favourite and most successful board game creators.

Beyond the Monolith

Beyond the Monolith. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Beyond the Monolith is one of the most interesting and ambitious board game projects announced for 2020. Originally teased as a new campaign for the Conan tabletop game by Monolith, it actually turns out to be much, much more. 

Beyond the Monolith is in fact not a game but a game engine, made to support various titles that include miniatures. It will initially launch with the new Conan campaign early 2020, most likely in January. The company is actually planning most of its own future around it and their games will use it, at least for the foreseeable time. The core will include a set of dice, tables, mini rings and some other elements that can fit plenty of games and settings. This will allow players to buy the core part once, and then spend money only on themes and unique components. The system itself will certainly be on the less expensive side, probably around 25-30 USD.

What games apart from Conan can we expect to use BtM? People from Monolith have already mentioned Batman, and will follow with some other franchises. The new idea also allows for crossovers with other publishers. We have already seen some promo material showing a crossover with Zombicide allowing to use its minis with BtM.

Night of the Living Dead – a Zombicide Game

The campaign for Zombicide 2nd Edition ended a week ago and we already know about the next title in the franchise. It will use a real movie license instead of the usual Zombicide world.

Night of the Living Dead movie from 1968 has a cult following and is widely known in the gore horror genre. After the success it was remade many times and turned into other related media. It’s often called the precursor of the zombie apocalypse style stories. And that’s almost too fitting for a Zombicide game.

There weren’t too many details revealed so far, but since it’s a Zombicide game, co-op scenarios and hordes of enemies that grow in numbers are almost a given. As for whether the elements will be mixable with other editions, only time will tell.

CMON has confirmed that this will be their next Kickstarter, which would mean releasing before Eric M. Lang’s Ankh.

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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

If you liked Root, you might be interested in the newest creation by its author. Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is an area influence game and a card game with many innovative ideas. The action takes place in a certain ancient empire ruled by animals and mythological creatures over a span of many centuries. Cole Wehrle wanted to create a game that shows the passage of time and changes in history without making it into a legacy game.

The most unique feature is how each game session affects ones played afterwards. It’s supposed to be very complex and represent a set of generations that follow each other. This way players will be able to really feel the consequences of their own actions. The system works like campaigns do in many board games, however it’s not linear and the choices aren’t tied to certain, predetermined points. Completing one game will change the victory conditions of the one played next, or change where important locations like the capital are located. 

Gangster’s Dilemma

Gangster’s Dilemma. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

The designers of Sagrada and many other board games are coming back next year with a brand new project. Gangster’s Dilemma is supposed to launch on January 9th and will be funded through Kickstarter.  

Gangster’s Dilemma can be played in a group of 3 to 7 players. All of them form a group and have a set of tasks to complete to earn the respect of the mafia leader. As the title suggests, it was inspired by a concept called the Prisoner’s Dilemma which happens when people decide not to cooperate, even though it seems to be the most logical decision to take. Instead they choose gambling for a chance of having a better outcome or losing it all – everything to protect their own interests. 

We expect lot of bluffing, mind games and surprises. All decorated with amazing illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya.

Almanac: The Dragon Road

Almanac: Dragon Road. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Another game with a planned 2020 release. Almanac: the Dragon Road is a first title in the new series by Scott Almes, whom you may know from his Tiny Epic series of board games. All titles will consist of special, heavily illustrated books that players have to adventure through. Progressing will mean clearing various puzzles and challenges, often inspired by classic worker placement mechanics. 

We already know that the game will be followed by at least one more title later in 2020. it’s going to be called “Almanac: The Crystal Peaks”.

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