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So how does it work? Just  email us at start(at) and Add [UPCOMING GAME] in the subject line

1. Describe  your game.

2. Attach a bunch of high quality photos of your project. You can use Wetransfer or similar services if they’re too big.

3. Same with other files, that may help us – rulebooks etc.

4.Got any gameplay videos? Add these too. We’d love to see them.

5. Add links to your website, social media or whatever you like the most. The more info about the game we get – the better can we showcase it to our readers.

6. Tell us about your planned campaign. What date are you aiming for? Any surprises that backers would like to know about?

7. If you have a prototype ready, feel free to send it to the address below. We’d love to play it and write about our impressions!

8. If you don’t have a prototype ready to send, you can  support our work by donating to our Paypal (start(at) That way we can:

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