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Dwar7s Fall – Collector’s Edition Coming to Kickstarter

Dwar7s is a series of games created by Luís Brüeh, a designer and an artist from Brazil. The franchise is being published by Canadian Vesuvius Media, known mostly for their indie game projects. In October they’re planning a return to Kickstarter, with a new expansion and collector’s edition for Dwar7s Fall. Backers will also get the chance to buy both older core games. So what is the series about?

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The Seven Meeple Dwarfs

Fall has come to the kingdom of dwarfs and that can mean only one thing: time to prepare for winter season and all hardships, that come with it. This usually means making lots of food, exchanging gems for food and avoiding becoming monster food yourself.

Getting supplies isn’t your only worry. There are rumors about a certain moody troll wandering around the dwarf settlements. As if you didn’t have enough on your head already…

dwar7s fall kickstarter tabletop board game 5

Heigh-ho It’s home from work we go

You begin the game by randomly picking 3 trade goal cards available to everyone, and 1 secret goal card for each player. Next: everyone gets a same set of 9 kingdom cards and their own set of 7 dwarf meeples.

Each player can perform 3 actions per turn. You can add new terrain tile from your kingdom cards, add a meeple to a single tile or move a dwarf between adjacent  tiles. All action combinations are fine, even 3 of the same type. Rules allow placing tiles on other tiles, which a pretty innovative and interesting idea. This can be used to change the terrain to your liking or to mess with other players, as long as the tile types match.

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Some tiles allow you to complete special tasks like mining. If you meet the required number of dwarfs on them – the task is complete and you get rewarded with gems. Monster tiles lock basic functionalities of mines and castles and require 5 dwarf meeples to be defeated.

Whoever gains most Victory Points – wins. You get these from various sources, but the trade goal cards work best. These may require collecting certain amounts of gems and bringing them to the store.

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Fall is Coming

All in all, Dwar7s Fall is a simple but deep tile/worker placement game. The mechanic of placing tiles over other tiles adds additional layers of strategy, as do the monster cards.

The campaign is going to launch in October and add the new Troll’s Bridge expansion. Backers will also be able to pick up Dwar7s Winter, which is a completely different game set in the same, dwarf universe.

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