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Zombicide: White Death introduces new challenges in Wintergrad

CMON, the popular board game publisher, has announced the latest addition to their Zombicide Fantasy line, Zombicide: White Death. Designed by Nicolas Raoult, one of the designers of the original Zombicide, White Death takes place in the frozen city of Wintergrad. The game introduces new characters, mechanics, and challenges for players to overcome.

In previous Zombicide games, players could flee from the zombie horde. In White Death, on the other hand, survivors are surrounded and must resist the undead onslaught. The new setting introduces a snow-covered urban area with medieval ramparts and special rules that create new opportunities for strategy and tactics. The huge walls separating the board into several areas prevent free passage for both the survivors and the zombies. Players must climb ramparts using either stairs or rope ladders to move and fight on the Battlement Walkways on top of the walls.


In addition to the new environment, White Death also introduces intelligent humanoid-animal-hybrid species. While they do not have any special rules, they add to the rich tapestry of the Zombicide universe. The Freeze mechanic is another new addition that allows players to temporarily immobilize zombies, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

Zombicide: White Death is the latest in the popular Zombicide series. It promises to be a unique and exciting addition to the Fantasy line. The Kickstarter campaign is expected to launch soon. Stay tuned for more details and to join the fight against the zombie horde in Wintergrad.

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