Image: SAKURAKAMI: The Jewel of the Empire Kickstarter
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Zenit Miniatures’ Kickstarter Campaign for SAKURAKAMI: The Jewel of the Empire Exceeds €10,000

Backers Can Now Support the Creation of Beautifully Crafted Miniatures for the Samurai Tabletop Wargame

Image: SAKURAKAMI: The Jewel of the Empire Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign for SAKURAKAMI: The Jewel of the Empire has surpassed its initial goal of €4,000 and raised €10,000. The campaign offers a new line of scenery and miniatures for use in tabletop wargames, RPGs, and artistic painting.
The miniatures take place in the fantastical world of Himukai and tell the story of the Sakurakami. This military branch fiercely fought to protect the northern barrier and served as the personal escort of the empress.

Image: SAKURAKAMI: The Jewel of the Empire Kickstarter

In the present day, war and ambition for power have plunged Himukai into constant wars for the empty throne. Follower of the secret path seeks to reunite the Sakurakami to unify the imperial treasures under a single flag.
Furthermore, the fully fleshed expansion, CLASH of Katanas, allows players to engage in skirmish battles of 25 to 100 models in the exciting wars of 16th-century Japan. The expansion also features 14 army lists and 4 new scenarios to immerse players in the samurai wars between 1550 and 1600.

The miniatures in the SAKURAKAMI range are beautifully crafted and capture the essence of the samurai. The Kickstarter campaign also offers various pledge levels, including the Sakurakami warriors, followers of the secret path, and Ashura enemies. The SAKURAKAMI armies are a fantastic addition to the miniatures available for the period and perfectly match the troop selection for this faction in CLASH of Katanas. So check out the campaign page and join the fight to defend the homeland against the barbarian invader!

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