Image: WOAD: Stone to Stone Kickstarter
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WOAD: Stone to Stone Reaches Funding Goal in Under 48 Hours

Explore the Fascinating World of Welsh Mythology in a Unique Solo Journalling Game

Image: WOAD: Stone to Stone Kickstarter

A new solo journalling game called WOAD: Stone to Stone has achieved its Kickstarter funding goal in under 48 hours. The game takes inspiration from Welsh mythology and enables players to explore Mythic Cymru with a custom tarot deck as their guide. Players travel from one location to another and have different types of encounters while documenting quests in their journals. The game features a variety of mechanics that incorporate the boons and banes of the Gods of the Major Arcana. This mix provides a unique and engaging way to experience Welsh mythology.

The creator of WOAD has lived in Wales for over a third of their life and studied mythology at a Welsh university. They realized that very little was known about this fascinating subject through this experience. So, WOAD began as an idea to share lesser-known aspects of Welsh mythology. Also, the creator hopes to bring the rich and wonderful mythology of the land they now call home to a wider audience.

Image: WOAD: Stone to Stone Kickstarter

Moreover, one of the most notable aspects of WOAD is its custom tarot deck. It features beautiful original illustrations and contains all the threads necessary to weave the player’s story tapestry.

WOAD has also gained recognition for its miniatures, including a miniature of Bran the Blessed. The game’s mechanics are more involved than those of other journaling RPGs. It has a simple gaming system that resolves connecting story prompts.

In conclusion, through the success of its Kickstarter campaign, WOAD: Stone to Stone aims to bring the fascinating world of Welsh mythology to life in an innovative and unique way. If players’ stories survive to be heard by the next generation, they may even become part of the myth themselves.

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