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Q Workshop’s The Witcher Hybrid Dice Kickstarter Launches on April 26th

From novels, to games, comic books and TV shows, The Witcher is one of our pop-culture favorites at KickAgency, and from the looks of it it’s not just us. The cool people over at Q Workshop are apparently also very much fond of the famous monster slayer. Having dabbled with The Witcher in the past, they’ve recently been teasing something totally new inspired by the franchise — and it finally seems to be ready!

If you’re like us and enjoy the iconic dark fantasy world created and expanded on in the media mentioned above — and also fancy a dice roll from time to time — you’ll  be thrilled to learn about Q Workshop’s campaign that’s just around the corner. Introducing The Witcher Hybrid Dice!

These little, hybrid (more on that later) pieces of art are coming to Kickstarter on April 26th. You may want to set a reminder about it, too, as the fastest backers will be able to snag an amazing, richly detailed Witcher-themed metal coin as a bonus!

For the Fastest Fans

By making an Early Bird Pledge, backers will receive a majestic Witcher-themed coin which can be used as a D2 — a real treat for any fan, gamer or collector. The coin is made of metal and features the fanged wolven face that also acts as the Wolf School symbol. Remember the iconic amulet Geralt wears in the video games? Then you have some idea about how cool this coin is going to look! But there’s more to it than that.

The other side shows a highly-stylized number 1, with five witcher sign shapes carved into it. The coin is surrounded by meticulous rune-like text on both sides.

We’re sure this one will become our “1st player token” for board games whenever we play or review something at KA Board Game News together.

Going Hybrid — Q Workshop’s Newest Project

For Q Workshop, merging various materials to create great-looking dice is a chance to demonstrate their artisan skills. Who are these dice for? RPG lovers, board gamers, collectors — or even people who had a blast playing Dice Poker in The Witcher video games and want to recreate that experience at home.

The Witcher Hybrid Dice will be made of a mix of 2 different materials. We will learn more during the campaign but there are some examples mentioned in the early press info. For example, the dice will have metal or plastic dice bases, while their sides will be cut from materials like wood or composite. Backers can mix these materials when making their pledges, hence the word Hybrid in the name.

Also: most of it is going to be handcrafted by Q Workshop’s finest veteran dice makers. They have quite the reputation, and we’ve written about their projects on numerous occasions in the past.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign is set to launch on Monday, April 26th. Sign up on the link below if you want to be there when it starts — and for a chance to get your hands on that collectible Witcher-themed coin, as well as tons of other great treasures perfect for any Witcher enthusiast!

Now on Kickstarter!

Now on Kickstarter:

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