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Western Legends: Ante Up! – Frist Huge Expansion is Getting Kickstarted!

Saloons, duels at noon and endless horseback rides through the prairie – it’s only a small part of dreams dreamt by anone, who wanted to become a cowboy as a kid. Western Legends promises to fulfill at least some of these dreams, and the Ante Up! expansion, that just started getting crowdfunded on Kickstarter, will let you become the real legend of the Wild West!

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Western Legends

Western Legends was made into reality thanks to its successful KS campaign in 2018. Over 6700 board game fans have decided, that it’s their best chance to become the cowboy, they always wanted to be. That resulted in $568.000 being pledged to Kolossal Games.

Western Legends is an unusual title, as it offers open world, sandbox-like gameplay, known mostly from modern video games. 2 to 6 players can turn into historical figures from the Wild West era. Their task will be simple: gain the status of a legend. There are many ways to achieve that: from chasing cattle, looking for gold, robbing banks and fighting with bandits to gambling. The choice is up to the players. They can be lawful or turn into criminals. The real Good, Bad and Ugly.

Ante Up!

The original game is getting great ratings on Boardgamegeek, while climbing higher and higher in site’s list of best games ever. The creators have decided to keep going, and roughly a year after the original campaign: they’ve launched another one for the first big expansion.

Ante Up! introduces many new cards and tokens, but the players will be especially happy knowing, that there are also new mechanics coming. First of them is… train robberies. To make it even more flavorful, the expansion box will include a plastic train miniature.

The train might get useful, as you can use it to explore lands, that are being added this expansion. The area ready for your adventures is at the size of 70% of the original map. Western Legends will get new characters and items, so the world won’t end up empty. A new system for events will be introduced, making the world change even without players interacting with it.

Final big changes are  some new ways to try your luck in gambling, adding more strategy to it.


The campaign will run until January 24th. Over 600% of the initial goal was already collected, so now, we’re just crossing another stretch goals.

The expansion is priced at $38. There is also an “all in” option available, but only for the Chinese version. It’s also possible to get a playmat including the world map showing all the original and expansion areas (for 30$). Other addons include 24 plastic cattle tokens ($10) and wooden card stands ($15). Shipment is set for the final months of 2019.

So, are you ready to become a legend of the Wild West?

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