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VOXART: The Revolutionary Art Medium Combining Digital and Real-World Creativity

The Kickstarter Campaign Promoting Originality and Unlocking Innate Creativity in Everyone

Image: Voxart Kickstarter

VOXART, a new art medium, is on a mission to make art creation easily accessible and uncomplicated for everyone. The platform aims to provide a space where individuals can showcase their unique vision. By blending together the advantages of both the digital and physical realms, it is now feasible to craft artworks that incorporate the best of both worlds.

GIF: Voxart Kickstarter


The brand provides several sets of tiles with a patent-pending lock system. It’s easy to build artwork with the help of an app that includes over 2,000 pre-made pixel art designs. The designs act as a source of inspiration and provide instructions for the creation of art objects. VOXART is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to help bring creative projects to life.

The development team behind VOXART, TRENDFORMER, previously launched the pixel art brand PIXIO in 2017. It raised over $160,000 with the help of over 1,100 backers. The team now boasts of developing a brand that left more than 250,000 customers around the world happy.

Image: Voxart Kickstarter

VOXART believes that society’s beliefs are the biggest hindrance that stagnates the creative industry. The platform aims to restore faith in one’s creativity and make creating art easy and fun. According to VOXART, society suppresses people’s creativity, depriving them of the innate creativity that everyone possesses from birth. The platform aims to change this narrative by encouraging people to embrace originality to build their own worlds.

The brand wants to create a dedicated and excellently-built community of fans to promote pixel art culture worldwide. VOXART is working to ensure that creative people take the wheel and define their culture. The platform emphasizes that talent combined with a good attitude is the recipe for achieving better things. Moreover, this combination encourages people not to conform to the majority’s world but to pursue their dreams.

VOXART is now on Kickstarter.

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