Image: Forgotten Depths Kickstarter
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Void Knight Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for “Forgotten Depths” Expansions and Base Game Reprint

Campaign Surpasses Goal, Promising Enhanced Gameplay and Character Progression in Co-op Dungeon Adventure

Image: Forgotten Depths Kickstarter

Void Knight Games has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their highly anticipated project, “Forgotten Depths – The Ever Chamber and Other Adventures”. With an initial goal of $12,000, the campaign has already exceeded expectations, raising over $15,000 in funding. The campaign is set to conclude on May 25, offering backers four incredible expansions to enhance gameplay, along with a reprint of the base game.

“Forgotten Depths” stands as a captivating 1-3 player co-op dungeon adventure game, seamlessly combining unique tile-laying and hand-management mechanics to deliver a satisfying and immersive experience of exploration and encounters. Each playthrough offers a fresh experience as players construct the dungeon while exploring, resulting in a distinctive layout every time. The discovery of various dungeon elements presents challenges and formidable monsters to confront. The game offers a remarkable level of player agency, empowering individuals to selectively choose their path and encounter different elements.

Unique features

Image: Forgotten Depths Kickstarter

A significant aspect of “Forgotten Depths” lies in character progression. Players have the opportunity to discover and equip items, and acquire abilities and spells through purchases. Also, they earn experience points (XP) to enhance their character’s skills. The game encompasses three distinct dungeon-level “ecologies,” each housing its own unique array of monsters, features, and elusive legendary locations. Players will confront 30 extraordinary monsters and unravel the mysteries of 30 distinct dungeon features. Additionally, they will strive to uncover 12 elusive legendary locations that house unique encounters, treasures, and many more.

With six distinct level bosses and a final boss offering 27 potential configurations, “Forgotten Depths” emphasizes the importance of strategic gameplay. Effective coordination with allies becomes paramount as players strive to optimize their combat performance.

The success of Void Knight Games’ Kickstarter campaign not only showcases the immense interest in “Forgotten Depths – The Ever Chamber and Other Adventures”. It also highlights the desire among players for enhanced gameplay experiences and character progression. With the campaign still ongoing, interested backers have the opportunity to join the journey.

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