Dinosaur 1944, Massove Darkness 2, Syndicate. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.
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3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Syndicates, Darkness and Dinosaurs

Syndicate, Dinosaur 1944, Massive Darkness 2

Today we’ll show 3 more Kickstarter campaigns: 2 of which are planned to launch in June and one… that was announced in June. Let’s go.

Syndicate – June 23rd

Syndicate. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

One of the most interesting debut projects we’ve seen recently is about to pop up on Kickstarter on June 23rd. Syndicate is a complex strategy game with equally complex storyline about criminal organizations fighting over controlling a certain star system a millennium from now

The game is played in 6 to 8 rounds and everyone takes on the role of a leader of different syndicate. The resources, which you’ll use to make yourself more powerful include credits, political influence and crew. Technology level is also vital and differs depending on who you play as. The winner is determined by summing up VPs and credits. The former are gained through achievements while the latter by completing missions or generating income on bases. Since the number of base locations is limited, you will be fighting and trading for them with other players. Bases carry different bonuses from additional research to extra luck during missions.

Syndicate. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

During each round it’s possible to attack bases, move your units, activate “sleeper” cards, trade, fortify bases and more. Attack and movement is limited by the number of armed action dice (2 by default). Threats are not limited to other players, as each round you also have to deal with Sovereign cards – which contain various penalties enforced by the biggest force in the galaxy. You have to deal with them or bribe your way to victory.

Dinosaur 1944 – June 15th

Dinosaur 1944. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Sandy Petersen will be back with another project next week and after seeing its theme we simply couldn’t ignore it. The game tells a story about a certain military regiment which investigates an island believed to be a Japanese military base. Instead, when getting to its shores, the soldiers learn about their actual enemy lurking on the island: dinosaurs. And not regular ones. The place is used as a secret laboratory where reptiles brought back from the prehistoric times are made stronger, bigger and more aggressive.

Dinosaur 1944 is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. You have to work as a team to survive and help with stopping the experiments. That often means fighting the reptiles yourselves. The gameplay includes lots of strategic movement, using terrain to your advantage, tricking the enemies, using your own unique skills to overpower them and more. Fans of other similar titles by Sandy Petersen should be satisfied.

Massive Darkness – Sometime in 2020

It’s been a bit over a week since CMON announced their Masters of Universe board game and it turns out: they have another huge project planned for 2020. Massive Darkness 2 is a direct sequel to the highly popular game released back in 2017. The original campaign has managed to collect over $3.500.000 and was one of the biggest Kickstarter successes back then.

Massive Darkness utilizes the combat / exploration system known from the Zombicide series, while upgrading it with depth known from dungeon crawler RPGs. Each character belongs to a different class with unique abilities. During the course of the campaign they gain more experience and equipment. The game has a wide variety of enemies and strategies for defeating them including direct combat as well as stealth.

The teaser for Massive Darkness 2 claims that “the battle has barely begun” and the rest of the message seen there feels equally bold. The game seems to be bigger with much higher stakes than before. Our heroes are supposedly going to “face their own demons”. We still have to wait for some more details including whether the game will be compatible with the first one. Considering CMON’s history though, it’s highly likely that it will.

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