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CMON and Their Upcoming Kickstarter Games – A Look into 2019 (UPDATED May 2019)

Updated January 16th

2018 has been really big for CMON. They’re still far ahead of any other game publisher on Kickstarter, and have so far collected $46,623,586 from 292,214 pledges on 33 separate tabletop game campaigns. This year we’ve already seen HATE, Zombicide: Invader, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Arcadia Quest: Riders and Starcadia Quest.

What’s coming next? Will the following months be equally interesting? And how is 2019 shaping up for the company? Let’s find out!

Project: Elite – Winter 2018

Next project by CMON is planned for this year, most likely for the final quarter. Project: Elite, a cooperative game published by Artipia Games in 2016, is going to get a huge overhaul and a Kickstarter rerelease by CMON.

project elite by cmon board game kickstarter 2
Project: Elite. All rights belong to CMON.COM

Project: Elite tells a story of a special squad established to fight savage aliens invading our planet. The game has quite an unique gameplay and uses tons of refreshing mechanics. Players have to quickly roll dice in 2 minute long bursts and fight enemies in what feels like a real time battle. You keep firing your weapons and attempt to cull the endless waves of invaders. CMON edition will include art upgrades, a complete set of new miniatures and lots of additional gameplay content. Project: Elite can be played by 1 to 4 players and we expect the campaign to launch around November or December.

Munchkin Dungeon – January 29th 

Some may call it a match made in heaven. A super popular card game IP meeting a publisher that can breathe lots of new life into it. The game is supposed to be similar to Arcadia Quest with a dash of Munchkin’s original artstyle and comedy. The designer team is led (once again) by Eric M. Lang.

munchkin dungeon tbaletop board game kickstarter
Munchkin Dungeon. All rights belong to CMON.COM

2-5 players have to do everything they can to get experience points and cool looking weapons. Whoever gets more – ends up as a winner. Despite being a CMON miniature game, it’s supposed to capitalize on the social aspect of the original. The date is not set in stone yet, but we believe we can expect it after Q2 2019.

(UPDATE) : CMON posted a lot of new facts about the game, and now we know that the campaign is planned for January 29th – much earlier than expected. Each player will pick a class known from the original card game, and delve into a dungeon, with a randomly chosen boss monster at the end. Defeating it 3 times ends the game, but you also win by getting 20 Fame points.

The entire gameplay is divided into 4 phases. First has players walk deeper into the dungeon, while increasing the dangers they may have to face. In second phase everyone can play threat cards and make some unexpected events happen and monsters appear. Third phase is what everyone waited for: fighting monsters. Powerful items and high levels help a lot here. Successful players will be rewarded, while the unlucky ones sent back to the beginning. Fourth phase means looting the dungeon and getting rewards: from stronger weapons and increased stats to Fame points.

Trudvang: Legends – Spring 2019

Easily the most exciting one for me. Trudvang: Legends takes place in a world where viking and celtic sagas merge into one, unique setting. This game, just like Project: Elite, is inspired by an older project. Swedish “Trudvang Chronicles” was a pen and paper RPG released on Kickstarter back in Fall 2016. The game had a very special atmosphere where mysterious powers of nature met ancient, forgotten myths and legends.

Trudvang Legends Teaser 2019

Trudvang Legends Teaser

Stories will be written as your journey unfolds…Take on the roles of legendary heroes who will embark on an ever-changing fantasy world. Trudvang Legends will be coming soon to Kickstarter! #TrudvangLegends #CMONGames #Kickstarter #Fantasy

Opublikowany przez CMON Środa, 15 maja 2019


Trudvang Legends. All rights belong to CMON.COM and RiotMinds


Trudvang Legends board game by cmon from kickstarter
Trudvang Legends. All rights belong to CMON.COM and RiotMinds

CMON’s project, designed by Eric M. Lang, will make use of the original’s setting, and treat it as a background to their newest miniature based project. Trudvang: Legends is heavily based on telling the story and will have players wander through the world with consecutive generations of heroes. Resolution of each story will affect the world and make certain parts of it accessible or heavily altered.

So what do you think? Planning to back any of these? CMON’s upcoming schedule seems pretty varied and tempting. And we’re not counting their retail titles like Wacky Races, based on the old cartoon and Narcos the Board Game that will without doubt gain lots of buzz.


Read more about upcoming Trudvang Legends board game…



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