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Upcoming Board Games #02 (Late February 2019)

Welcome to the second article in our new series about upcoming KS tabletop games. Final weeks of February are shaping up to be packed with great board game campaigns on Kickstarter. New titles from known publishers, popular series making a comeback, and a unique game using latest tech are all being launched between February 19th and 28th.

Release schedule:

  • Legends of Novus – February 19th
  • Tiny Epic Tactics – February 19th
  • Consumption – February 21st
  • Oracles: Civil Wars –  February 26th

Legends of Novus – February 19th

Over 100 years have passed since a mysterious magical force turned the world of Novus into ruin. The phenomenon had plenty of side effects – ranging from mysterious to plain deadly. It gave humans the ability to use magic and unleashed hordes of monsters, from dragons to undead, into the world.

Legends of Novus belongs to the adventure genre. Players can take on the role of one of 5 heroes and play either competitively or in co-op. Majority of mechanics are based on cards and the map of the world, that comes with the game. Your character develops by gaining new items and experience points, which allows for heavy personalization. Exploring the world your way also adds lots of freedom, and can result in really unique games each time you take it out of the box.


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Tiny Epic Tactics – February 19th

Tiny Epic series is one of the most consistently successful franchises, when it comes to Kickstarter board games. There are always at least 2 campaigns every year. Despite similar design philosophy, the games are actually very different. The only thing they have in common is that they’re all highly customizable and modular.

Tiny Epic Tactics is a fantasy strategy game, where the main hook is the customizable terrain, made of blocks. You can play it in co-op, against each other or even in a special solo variant. Solo and co-op focus on exploration, while pvp will be more about 2 teams in deadly battle over ingame areas. The combat system stays simple, and most of the depth comes from the terrain blocks.


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Consumption – February 21st

Healthy diet seems like a pretty bizarre tabletop game theme, especially when all safe fantasy and cthulhu titles dominate Kickstarter every month. Still, people at Kolossal Games decided to go against the trend and create a game about… balanced nutrition. The mechanics were created by Karen Knoblaugh, who is a Registered Dietitian and an university teacher.

The core of the game is based around worker placement and managing limited resources. Each player gets a randomly selected character, and has to tailor their diet to their needs. It’s also important to perform physical activities (hiking, weightlifting, billiards etc.), go shopping or choose allies ranging from fitness trainers to kitchen assistants. Each choice changes your situation and affects the final score.


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Oracles Game: Civil Wars –  February 26th

We’ve found about Oracles Game: Civil Wars a few months ago and instantly got hooked by its innovative concept. The game makes use of augmented reality technology, and should be played with a mobile app.

2 to 10 people can play at once, and they begin by dividing into two groups. Each group picks a leader, who will have access to the app on his smartphone or tablet. The app itself lets the leader see additional dangers lurking on the map. Later on he’ll have to use that visual information to lead his team to victory. The game has some additional modes: one where everyone can use AR or one with no AR at all. Read more in our preview article here.


Official site

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