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Under the Spotlight: Lineup – Kickstarter (Now Live)

Sure, it looks tame.
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“C’mon party people, throw your hands in the air! C’mon party people, line up by order of who takes the longest ’10-minute’ power naps…”

…is not going to be anyone’s summer jam this year, but it will be the party game that people are playing.

I admit, that’s an odd statement that deserves a bit of context. If you go on Youtube and look up “Cut”, you will find one of the most successful channels out there. How successful? They have 4 billion views and more than 11 million followers, so they’re doing alright.

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But that following is well earned because Cut specializes in creating what are essentially simple party games and then filming them. What’s the magic? The results are hilarious. This is because the games are simple but the setups are crafted with gourmet precision.

Take for example Truth or Drink. We’ve all played a “Truth or ____” game of some kind, and all the rules are in the title. Which is very helpful once the truth avoidance begins. Where this simple game gets good is in the questions and the pairings. Suffice to say, these questions are probing and typically NOT safe for work, and the person across the table is probably not someone you’d like to reveal the answers to. Examples include your ex, your boss, your grandparents, or your spouse. Uncomfortable if you’re playing, brilliant if you’re watching from the sidelines.

Whoops! Caption mistake. That should say “laughing uncomfortably”.
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So what does all of this have to do with lining people up? Well, Cut has just launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring yet another of their games titled, appropriately, Lineup. Like any good party game, the rules are simple. All players will be asked a question like “How often do you shower?” Every player writes down their answer and then tries to arrange the other players based on what they think the other players wrote. Afterwards, all players must share their answers and guesses. Much fun and embarrassment ensues as multiple people guess that you wash your hair every other week, and the players earn points for each other player they arranged correctly.

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But that’s just the kid-friendly version. The $30 “Over the Line” pledge comes with a NSFW deck of questions which are much more in keeping with Cut’s more adult-themed video content. For example, “What’s your upper age limit for a one-night stand” or “Over your lifetime, how many tongues have been in your mouth?” Expect much more laughter, at least some of which will be the nervous variety.

When you think back, you’ll realize this was the moment you and your friends stopped looking each other in the eyes.
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Geeknson Board Game Table | QUESTOWER Ads Sytsem

Now, those of you familiar with Cut might be wondering, Lineup is great, but what about all of their other games? Fear not, well-informed reader! Lineup is just the flagship of this campaign. Lots of other Cut video content is also making its tabletop debut as part of this campaign. There’s the aforementioned Truth or Drink, of course. Then there’s TBH, a game in which players are presented with a bizarre yes-or-no scenario and must guess how other players would react. And the one I’m most excited to see, Fear Pong! Anytime a game of beer pong commences, you know that questionable choices are about to be made, but Fear Pong takes those bad choices to 11. Every time a player lands a shot in one of your cups, you must pick up a challenge card and complete it. Some of the challenges are fairly tame like “Wear your underwear outside your clothes for the rest of the game” and will be easy to replicate at home. But cards like “Get slapped in the face with a fish and then kiss it to make up” might be a little tougher for your average household.

Did I mention there are expansions?
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But you, dear reader, are at least slightly above average. So go buy this game, then go stock up on fish. Worst case scenario, you’ve already got a meal starter, and either way you’ll thank me.

by Zane Messina

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