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Ultimate Boardgame Backpack – Your Meeples Deserve Vacation

Do you take your board games for weekend trips or vacation? Sure, holidays are often associated with swimming in the pool, hiking or lying down (on the beach, grass or a folding chair). But after all these activities, wouldn’t it be great to sit down with your friends or kids and have an epic evening with Catan, Ticket to Ride or terraform some martian soil?

Taking your games with you sounds tempting but could end up in many nightmarish situations. Games can get destroyed, fall out or even get drenched in rain water. GeekOn! – a brand new boardgame accessory maker, may solve all these problems. Their new Ultimate Boardgame Backpack is one of the hottest “tabletop” campaigns running on Kickstarter right now.

Safekeeping Your Treasures

When buying something like this, you probably think about protection first and foremost. If this thing doesn’t warrant anything better than your usual travel bag, then what’s the point. Luckily, it seems like the Ultimate Boardgame Backpack has tons of value in that area. First: the thing is covered with reinforced seams and everything is being hold together by a strong frame. Storage compartments are covered in solid materials, making any sort of damage unlikely.

Liquids, one of boardgamer’s worst nightmares are not an issue here. The backpack is fully waterproof thanks to the durable nylon coating. Same goes for zippers: they’re bigger than usual backpack ones and resistant to water.

Keep Everything Organized

Making maximum use of your bag space is vital for peaceful vacations. Same goes for transporting board games. And let’s be honest: many of us are already used to organizing our collections by box sizes, genres and god knows what else.

GeekOn!’s backpack has a separate compartment for your travel and gaming accessories as well as smaller games like CCGs. Sides include holders for beverages and there are also special slots for a pen, notebook, keys and sunglasses. Numerous pockets surround the backpack, but the main dish here is obviously the main compartment. Reinforced and extendable, it can house all your favourites without problems. Even Gloomhaven’s colossal box fits there with ease, and still leaves some place for 1-2 other titles.

Avoiding Humpback Posture

After hearing about all these features the backpack is starting to sound huge and heavy. According to the creators though, this is not the case. Materials used to create Ultimate Boardgame Backpack are light and keep the moisture away, making wearing it a much less frustrating experience.

The thing is also equipped with a set of adjustable straps, so you can make it as fitting and comfortable as you want. There’s also a grab handle on top, if you ever feel like holding it the travel bag way.

Bonus Loot

Apart from the backpack itself, you can also get 4 other items available in the campaign. They all complement it pretty well.

➤Elastic Box Bands keep your boxes together, so even if you shake or drop them, not a single game element will fall out.

➤Dice Case is a sturdy container that will safely carry up to 30 of your numbered little gems.

➤Dice Tray is actually an element of the Dice Case, and can be taken out and used to make your dice rolls safer and doable when traveling.

➤Dragon Carabiner is designed to keep your keys in place. It can also open drinks and even serve as a tiny screwdriver.

Ultimate Boardgame Backpack on Kickstarter

If everything goes according to the plan, we’ll witness one of the neatest ways to transport games for vacations or game nights. Many people seem to have similar sentiments as the campaign is still going strong and keeps reaching higher goals at a steady pace. When you watch some of the promotional videos, the success is even easier to understand. The amount of humor used to demonstrate all the features is insane. Just check out the project origin video and see for yourself.

Over 330 000 USD was pledged so far and backers can support it until July 13th. If want to check out the campaign, try the link below.

Campaign link


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