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Totem Hoarder: A Quick and Strategic Card Game You’ll Love

Discover the Secrets of Totem Hoarder: The Fast-Paced Strategy Card Game That Funded in 24 Hours!

Image: Totem Hoarder Kickstarter

Totem Hoarder, a new fast-paced strategy card game, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter within just 24 hours. The game design’s purpose is to facilitate quick play and to provide maximum entertainment in a short amount of time.

The game involves two players assuming the role of rival totem collectors, with various ways to win. Players can explore the land to hunt for totems or use an army of skeletons to sabotage their opponent. Finally, there’s a single deck of cards in the game, with no mana or life points.

Image: Totem Hoarder Kickstarter

The game is suitable for players aged 11 and above and has a playtime of 20-30 minutes. It is language-independent, featuring an easy-to-learn system of icons and colors. Also, it populates a fantasy world with curious creatures, each possessing a unique ability and a witty quote.

Totem Hoarder combines strategic gameplay elements from various trading card games but is much easier to pick up and play. A professional artist illustrated the game, giving every character a unique design and humorous details.


There is still time to back the Kickstarter campaign and receive one of the many reward tiers on offer. With its quick playtime and entertaining gameplay, Totem Hoarder is sure to be a hit among gamers of all ages.

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