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Tiny Epic Tactics – Popular Series Makes a Comeback

The “Tiny Epic…” series is really popular among Kickstarter “tabletop” category backers. Each entry invents a new way to use classic board game elements in a different way. After meeples equipped with weapons and riding plastic mechs… we get a tactical battle game where the box hosts a set of customizable 3D cardboard terrains!

Tiny Epic Tactics

The main hook of the series lies in small sized games with surprising amounts of depth and content. Each installment does it in a different way. Tiny Epic Tactics offers four different game modes: solo, 2 player co-op, competitive for 2-4 players and team play. All modes vary a lot, have different goals and mechanics.

Competitive mode lets players fight against each other. Everyone will be able to take 3 actions in their turns. These can either be moves or attacks. Depending on your hero the attacks can be magical, ranged or melee. Collecting points is the main goal here, and you gain them by controlling areas, killing opponents and keeping your heroes alive. To achieve these goals you’ll have to balance moves and attacks properly. The game ends when one of the players loses all of their heroes or when a certain amount of areas are being controlled by a single person.

Cave Crawling

Solo and co-op modes will have players fight spawning enemies and explore caverns. All elements of the 3D map are made of smaller cardboard boxes that fit perfectly into each other like Russian matryoshka dolls. Outer surfaces are covered with hills and forests while the inner parts look like dungeons. Points in these modes are awarded for treasures collected and all surviving heroes.

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Meeple Magic

Heroes belong to 4 different classes: warriors, rogues, wizards and beasts. Each class has not only its own skillset, but also a different meeple shape – just like many older titles in the series. The new project by Gamelyn Games doesn’t use ITEMeeples though, so we won’t be able to attach weapons to our heroes. Still, if the idea of customizable 3D maps gets many backers, then who knows, we might see ITEMeeples in some future sequel!


During the first 2 days the campaign has collected over $350.000. That’s a great start which makes us believe, that Tiny Epic Tactics might become the second most successful project in the series. Will it top the $850.000 pledged to Tiny Epic Zombies? Only time will tell.

To help with achieving that, the creators have prepared some additional map components with snowy mountains and wastelands. They’re much more than simple cosmetic add-ons. New maps let players create different terrain shapes, and add new areas to compete for. That should bring even more replayability and strategy to the table.

The core edition is priced at $20. More expensive Deluxe Edition adds 7 lanterns, 4 torches and 4 cards for $5 more. Terrain set add-on costs $12.
Backers can support the campaign until March 7th. The game is supposed to ship in November.

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