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Thrilling Board Game ‘Leviathan Wilds’ Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Promising Epic Adventures and Challenging Battles

Dive into a Post-Apocalyptic World to Save Massive Creatures in Moon Crab Games’ Latest Creation

Image: Leviathan Wilds Kickstarter

Moon Crab Games has taken Kickstarter by storm with the launch of their highly anticipated board game, “Leviathan Wilds”. Surpassing its funding goal of $10,000, the game has amassed an impressive pledge of $147,801. Offering an enthralling solo and co-op experience, this game guarantees players an immersive adventure filled with breathtaking battles.

Set in a post-apocalyptic realm, “Leviathan Wilds” introduces players to a world where massive creatures known as leviathans, once in harmony with humans, have lost their sanity and unleashed chaos upon the land. Embarking on a mission to save these majestic beings, players must navigate intricate landscapes by climbing, jumping, and gliding through 15 distinct leviathans, each with its own map and set of rules. Guided by a spiral-bound scenario book, players will face a series of challenges in their quest to restore harmony.

Unique mechanics

GIF: Leviathan Wilds Kickstarter

What sets “Leviathan Wilds” apart is its unique gameplay mechanics. Players assemble their decks by skillfully shuffling cards from one unique character and one unique class, offering a staggering 49 combinations to explore. Traversing the treacherous maps of each leviathan, players must deftly evade attacks and overcome perilous gaps. And all that while attempting to shatter the binding crystals that hold the creatures in madness. The game’s stunning illustrations add a visual feast to the immersive experience. Designed for players aged 14 and above, “Leviathan Wilds” accommodates both solo adventures and engaging group play. The game accommodates up to four players, making it an ideal choice for friends and family gatherings.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into a world on the brink of collapse, where courage and strategy are essential to save the magnificent leviathans. Back the Kickstarter campaign for “Leviathan Wilds” and join a vibrant community of gamers eagerly anticipating this epic board game. Dive into the post-apocalyptic wilderness, and let the adventures begin!

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