It seems to be the season of sequels and successors for Kickstarters and Gamefound projects! This article we’ll look at three of the most anticipated upcoming campaigns from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Monsterpocalypse by Mythic Games and Privateer Press

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Coming at some point this fall, we see the return of Monsterpocalyse after almost a decade since the original release. A two player base game with add-ons to expand this to up to four players, it sees Mythic Games combining with the original creators to bring a new take on the game. 

Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Rather than prepainted miniatures, the designers have decided to go fully into the miniature world with models that will require painting. But have no fear, the creators are confident that this game will be fully compatible with the original release. Expect lots of models and stretch goals to lure buyers in when it hits Kickstarter. LINK

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Modiphius Entertainment

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Based on the hugely popular video game, Modiphius Entertainment is the next company to try its hand at bringing a computer game to the board. Reveals for the game so far have been sparse but we do know that the core game will come with two campaigns that each contain three chapters. Roughly twenty hours of game play from the start, the designers have stated that they expect hours of replayability.

This co-op game for up to four players, sees players choices completely change the course of the story and allow them to level up as they progress. Stretch goals and add ones are as yet unknown, but could promise even more content for fans. The campaign was due for release in June but has now been pushed back to fall on Gamefound. LINK

Lords of Ragnorok by Awaken Realms

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Finally, Awaken Realms is a game company in need no introduction. Top of the line games with some of the best miniatures in the industry, what more could gamers want? The sequel to Lords of Hellas, fans can return to the science fiction meets the Greeks. With huge improvements and those monuments that can be built piece by piece, this is surely going to be another hit for the Polish company.

This two to four player, strategic game is guaranteed to be full of stretch goals that will add more awesome miniatures, more gameplay and more cosmetic add ons that will have your wallet crying for months to come. Make sure you sign up for notifications at Gamefound to ensure you get a free model if you decide to pledge this October. LINK

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