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The RPG Success Story You Need to Know About

A Kickstarter Success Story with Generational Play and Innovative Mechanics for D&D and C7D20 Rulesets

Image: Broken Weave Kickstarter

Cubicle7 is a company that has quietly been making waves in the RPG community. Over the past few years, they’ve gone from strength to strength, taking on popular franchises like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory, and producing their own excellent RPGs like Soulbound. And now, they’re launching their very own setting, Broken Weave, on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter success

Broken Weave is already fully funded, reaching its target in just one hour. The setting is a post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy campaign setting, designed to be fully compatible with 5th Edition D&D and Cubicle7’s own forthcoming C7D20 ruleset.

In the world of Broken Weave, the Gods have died, time and distance have lost their meaning, and memories are fading. However, there’s still hope. Community, love, and trust in one another can remake the world. The setting feels a bit like the Root RPG crossed with The Dark Tower, where bad things are already present, but community and hope can make the world a better place.

New concepts

The game’s most intriguing concept is the Havens. They are the characters’ home location and grow with them, reflecting their hopes and fears. Havens introduce a “Generational Play” mechanic, allowing characters to retire and become part of their Haven’s legend and identity. Players can shape their Haven’s growth over generations and play ancestral characters shaped by their predecessors.

Image: Broken Weave Kickstarter

Broken Weave has five new character classes, such as sages, makers, diplomats, seekers, and wardens. Each class has its own unique role in the game’s interlocking stories and sense of community. The game also has new systems for scavenging dead gods’ remains for powerful artifacts. Additionally, Cubicle7 introduces its “Uncharted Journeys” system that uses Trail Glyphs to leave and decipher messages for other travelers.

Image: Broken Weave Kickstarter


Pledge levels for the Kickstarter campaign start with a PDF-only version at 28 Euros (about $30 USD). For a standard edition (+PDF), the price is 55 Euros, and for a collector’s edition, it’s 110 Euros ($120). GMs might want to consider the “Party Leader” pledge. It includes a standard hardcopy edition (+PDF), a GM’s screen, and a “deck of broken things”. There are various other pledge levels, all of which can be found on the Broken Weave Kickstarter page.

Whether you’re new to Cubicle7 or looking to branch out beyond their Warhammer stuff, Broken Weave is an enticing prospect. Cubicle7’s products always look amazing. The depth of thought and level of innovation that goes into them is always impressive. So, if you’re looking for a generation-spanning rules system and a post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy campaign setting, check out the Broken Weave Kickstarter today.

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