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The Edge: Dawnfall Makes a Huge Comeback on Kickstarter

Two years ago, a publisher called Awaken Realms started their campaign to fund a new game by Michał Oracz – The Edge: Dawnfall. Back then they managed to collect half a million pounds, which could easily be called a colossal success. The second campaign topped that number on its first day only!

At the Edge of the World

The Edge: Dawnfall is a dynamic wargame, where (often huge) miniatures, controlled by a deck of cards, play the central part. Fans of direct interaction will feel right at home here. The game is filled with epic duels and lots of competing for territories that hold powerful crystals.

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This is how the main mode of The Edge works, but fans of co-op and solo gaming can tackle the campaign, that lets them complete (over 50!) scenarios instead of fighting each other. All of these modes make use of six asymmetric factions, that wage endless war in the world of The Edge.

Mechanics, and all the fun you’ll get from playing the game, can be credited to Michał Oracz – an author that has years of experience in creating games focused on direct competition between players. And while all of the modes of The Edge: Dawnfall, the mechanics and seven asymmetric factions sound impressive, it’s the physical size of the game that is especially worth mentioning.

Size Does Matter

The Edge: Dawnfall comes in a huge box filled to the brim with components, that create a truly epic sight when laid out on the table. Each faction consists of 13 minis, 38 tokens and 80 cards (although some have even more elements). There are also two double sided boards, 9 campaign maps, 4 campaign books and some additional elements, that make the game complete.

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Orderable add-ons, that expand the game, sound pretty insane when it comes to their design and sheer amount. It shouldn’t come as surprise, that to get the pledge, that will make you the owner of everything the campaign has to offer, you’d have to pay a total of 330 pounds ($422).


“I don’t think we’ve ever had a game this huge and rich in components on Kickstarter. The box will also make a neat tea table when I’m not playing.”





If you don’t care about the “all-in” pledge, there’s a “Warchest” option priced at 175 pounds ($224). This one includes all six basic factions and the seventh one from the “Darkness” expansion, as well as all included stretch goal bonuses. And there are many of these, as the game has already reached a 1000% of its initial funding goal.


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The campaign is short, so you may need to hurry, as Awaken Realms gave us only 2 weeks to get the game. The Edge: Dawnfall can be supported on Kickstarter until November 6th. Shipping is planned for November 2019, but if you’re thinking about a nice gift for your next year’s holidays, don’t hesitate to back it.

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