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Switch and Swap with The Archie – a new Board Game Table by Geeknson

About a month ago we informed you about Archie Board Game Table – a table designed for maximum modularity of any game setup. We’re happy to say that Archie took Kickstarter by storm! As we’re writing this article Archie the overall pledge funded by backers is already above £200,000. We’re however not surprised and we want to let you know about some of the interesting features that Archie possesses. Perhaps it’s just the table that you didn’t know you needed?

Latest News: Just revealed on Kickstarter – If your pledge for Archie Board Game Table covers one of the Archie variants you will also be receiving extra Pro Gaming Chests and Tiles with cumulative worth of up to £580! Check the link below to find out more!

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First of all Archie – as such – is not simply one particular table. Browsing through the Kickstarter campaign you will quickly notice that Archie comes in various sizes and variants. Starting with Little Archie and Coffee Archie (respectively 81cm x 106cm and 81cm x 131cm) designed to fit even in smaller spaces we quickly notice Geeknson’s willingness to create something for everybody. After all, if you want to go big instead you have an option to select The Draco – the biggest Archie variant available on Kickstarter (131cm x 206cm). If you however prefer to go moderately big you can simply select either 6-8 Player

Archie (106cm x 181cm) or 4-6 Player Archie (106cm x 156cm). We strongly believe it’s important to consult your group before choosing – measuring your room would also come in handy but it’s great to see that Archie has an answer for all. 

Archie comes in various sizes and variants

What is however very interesting is to see how Geeknson supports the possibility to purchase multiple versions of Archie. Let’s say you need a coffee table and at the same time you still want to get one of the bigger variants. If you get both of them you get two awesome tables – one great for coffee breaks, second best for gaming. However, in case of smaller variants it’s possible to purchase additional higher legs for the table. Thanks to their inclusion you can treat the smaller table as a side table. You can even put them right next to each other to create bigger gaming space! The tables were created to complement themselves. This solution is also perfect for people who would like the surface area of bigger tables but not at all times

Dinner table by day, game table by night

The crux of Archie lies in its two prominent features – Pro Gaming Chests and Pro Gaming Tiles. The “modular” approach to board game tables starts exactly with them. Chests are Geeknson’s solution for every problem related to game components storage. Thanks to them you will always have everything you need during your gaming adventures at your fingertips. Not only that but you will also be able to freely pass them around the table thanks to their ease of use. Simply grab the chest – that until now was part of the table itself, at least seemingly – and pass it over to your friends at the other end of the table. When they’re finished, put the chest back in its place… or not! It’s your choice, really.

Customize your Archie

It doesn’t end with chests though – Geeknson has prepared tiles too! Those come on top of the chests but they are so much more than simple lids! There are many different variants of those tiles and each of them serves a different purpose. Some of them will come in handy when you’re playing cards-heavy games as they will be equipped with handy card holders. Other times you might need dedicated trackers for life points, energy, mana or any other resource you need to track – Pro Gaming Tiles have that covered! Do you need an extra safe space to hold your drink or to put your minis? Why not put them on tiles themselves! Coming in various shapes and with various functions Geeknson seems to be all about customization and tailoring the experience to your tastes and needs.

With Archie your minis are safe

Archie lives up to its description and expectation – it’s a great Board Game Table and its modularity and customization are targeted straight at the hearts of players who like to enjoy their games in their own way. With that being said we strongly encourage you to check Archie’s Kickstarter page and see for yourself whether this particular Board Game Table is a good fit for you! 

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