Image: TEETH Kickstarter
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TEETH Tabletop Role-Playing Game Raises Over £29,000 on Kickstarter

Image: TEETH Kickstarter

TEETH, a new tabletop role-playing game, has raised over £29,000 from a £5,000 goal on Kickstarter. It’s a game for 3-6 people about occult criminality and monster-hunting in 18th-century England. The main setting is the cursed Vale of Deluth, a remote and forbidding place of wind-blasted moors and sopping bogs. Players take on the roles of Hunters, whose job is to ward off the monstrosities that lurk in the Vale. They must ensure that the trade in occult artifacts remains undisturbed, but there is more to it than that. They are carrying out a secret mission that could change the fate of England or the world. If they fail to complete their mission before winter turns to spring, they will be trapped forever.

TEETH includes a 320-page book with a meaty setting carefully threaded with intrigues for players to follow and peppered with prompts for the GM. The setting and ruleset describe beasts of the Vale of Deluth and include many maps and illustrations. The rulebook is a reworking of the Creative Commons-licensed Forged in the Dark (Blades In The Dark) system, with an emphasis on investigating occult incursions, hunting unspeakable monsters, developing abhorrent mutations, and fomenting rebellions.


Image: TEETH Kickstarter

Marsh Davies has illustrated the whole thing heavily in a striking black-and-white style. The book’s nine maps and other diagrams are also supplied separately in full color as high-resolution downloads, along with a PDF version of the book itself and other digital resources, such as editable spreadsheet editions of the Playbooks.

The TEETH tabletop role-playing game is more than just a game. It also includes three standalone modules that use the TEETH setting: Night of the Hogmen, Blood Cotillion, and Stranger & Stranger. These modules are available digitally, and the first one is free, making it a good way to see what the game is all about.

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