Image: Tales from Myriad Kickstarter
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Tales from Myriad: A Lighthearted and Accessible Fantasy Tabletop RPG Takes Kickstarter by Storm

Image: Tales from Myriad Kickstarter

Fantasy tabletop roleplaying games have always been a popular pastime for those who enjoy imagination and strategy, but Tales from Myriad is a new game that’s attracting attention for its lightheartedness and accessibility. Launched on Kickstarter, the game has already raised over $42,000, surpassing its initial goal of $10,000 in just eight hours.

Designed for both new and experienced players, Tales from Myriad offers a unique and silly take on traditional tabletop RPGs. With a focus on character creation and a simple-to-understand ruleset, players can dive into the action quickly and easily.

The game features a 2d6 system, where players roll two six-sided dice and add their stat modifiers to determine their success. Stats include Power, Finesse, Insight, Charm, Arcane, Occult, and Luck, each with its own unique benefits and abilities.

Players also have the opportunity to choose from 11 different Jobs, such as Scholar, Hunter, and Occultist, which offer unique proficiencies and abilities. As players level up, they can customize and enhance their characters even further, creating a truly unique and personalized experience.

Countless of options

Image: Tales from Myriad Kickstarter

One of the standout features of Tales from Myriad is its focus on fashion. The game offers extensive options for character creation, including hats, armor, weapons, and magical items, complete with descriptions. This allows players to create truly unique and memorable characters, rather than settling for generic options like “leather armor.”

In addition to character creation, the game also includes a complete Dungeon and Exploration Generator, Monster Maker, and Guide to Puzzles. This makes it easy for Game Masters to create adventures on the fly, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone at the table.

With over 270 unique magical spells and item recipes, Tales from Myriad offers a robust and exciting gameplay experience. And with the campaign still ongoing until May 18, there’s still time to get in on the action and support this exciting new game.

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