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Sword & Sorcery – New, Huge Campaign Coming to Kickstarter in November

Sword & Sorcery is a game, that managed to collect over half a million dollars on Kickstarter in 2015. The dungeon crawler was warmly received and now it’s going to get yet another crowdfunding campaign. November 5h marks the launch of the  “Ancient Chronicles” project.

The campaign for Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles will allow backers to get all of the older components while offering plenty new additions, all compatible with the original game. The box will not only contain new heroes and monsters, but also upgrade the game with additional mechanics and improvements to the setup part.

Evolving Sword & Sorcery

Changes are supposed to enrich the world of Sword & Sorcery, and improve on the flaws of the core game, without overcomplicating the already popular and well received rules. Changes are supposed to be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

New adventures will be set many years before the events of the Immortal Souls campaign. The very details of the new storyline remain unknown. A teaser has appeared on the internet and it suggests that we will be able to discover how it all actually began.

What Can We Expect from Ancient Chronicles

Original Sword & Sorcery is a cooperative game set in a fantasy world, where 1-5 players choose heroes, each with his or her own unique abilities. They are tasked to fight hand in hand, and defeat the forces of evil controlled by the game itself. Italian Gremlin Project studio took inspiration from older RPGs made in the 80s.

Original Sword & Sorcery Core Set

After numerous smaller expansions, that have appeared since the original’s release, it’s finally time for a new set of epic adventures. The details about the campaign and game components are still unknown, but as soon as the crowdfunding phase begins, we will inform you about all the important details. Especially considering, that backers will have to act fast, as the campaign is planned to be really short, and last only until November 21st.

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