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Suburbia Collector’s Edition – an Amazing Rerelease

Suburbia is a well known board game, that’s only few spots away from BBG’s Top 100 list (sitting at 103 right now). The game has already had two bigger, and two smaller expansions released. Now, Bezier Games has a real treat for all fans of the title. A special Collector’s Edition that includes all the released elements and… adds many more!


The first edition of Suburbia got released back in 2012. Each player is building his own city, adding building tiles to his own starting board. These are bought from the market and available to everyone. Constructions increase population and income, while additionally affecting neighboring tiles. For example: residential buildings near parks are a great idea, but locating them close to factories/airports might be a bad move.

The game was made with 1-4 players in mind, but one of the expansions allows playing with fifth person.

Collector’s Edition – What’s Inside?

Collector’s Edition is not only a dream come true for any Suburbia fan, but also for fans of city building games in general. All elements got makeovers with new illustrations, and these made them look simply beautiful – miles more than the original version (which felt pretty rough). All tiles are also 20% bigger, so the game will not only look better on the table, but also become more clear.

The box, apart from the core version, includes expansions: Suburbia Inc. and Suburbia 5 Star, as well as the promotional Con Tiles and Essen Tiles. There is also a new expansion called Nightlife added, and it introduces 32 tiles with riskier methods of gaining more points.

A tower for all the tiles was included as well, and so did trays for tiles and tokens. They were all made by Game Trayz, so we don’t have to worry about their quality and usefulness. They’ll help us to keep everything in order and set up a game within seconds.

The tile tower comes shaped like a huge skyscraper. That, merged with the tray showcasing tokens for sale, makes a really great visual impression.

The population track was also remade. Many original version players were annoyed by the strange shape of the thing. New one makes us always start from the left side and got increased by 20 additional points to score.

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Only on Kickstarter

All mentioned elements will be available for retail buyers, but the Kickstarter backers get some exclusives. First of them is the first player token, and it’s… a skyscraper shaped LED lamp. Same with a set of 3 types of metal coins and wooden, custom made markers, that help in showing locations of your airports, restaurants and other buildings, that might be hard to locate at first and often required searching for corresponding icons.

Moreover: stretch goals unlocked during the campaign add more player colours, and are related to actual real world cities. People supporting the game can choose their set of 5 colours, depending on their preferences. Each unlocked city adds 1 tile with a landmark it’s famous for and these tilesd will be available to all backers, no matter which cities they picked.

The Campaign

If you like what  Suburbia Collector’s Edition has to offer you have to know two things. The campaign is set to last until February 13th and the entire game is priced at $99.

Campaign link

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