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Studium: No Exit – A Terrifying Journey into Gothic Horror

Unveiling the Sinister Depths of the Studium

Image: Studium | No Exit Backerkit

Prepare to enter the foreboding labyrinth known as the Studium, a place where darkness reigns and unspeakable horrors lurk. In this thrilling tabletop adventure, players embody the roles of captives who must band together to confront the menacing forces that control the labyrinthine Studium. Delve deep into its haunted halls, eradicate the abominations that dwell within, and uncover the mysteries that shroud this Gothic horror dungeon crawl.

Perilous Choices and Shifting Halls

As players traverse the ruined halls of the Studium, they will face captivating story events that test their mettle. Every choice made carries weight, potentially leading to dire consequences for their characters, their companions, and the very essence of the Studium itself. But beware, for the halls of the Studium are in constant flux. Rooms shift inexplicably, and familiar doors may lead to terrifying new locations. Adaptation becomes crucial to survival in this maddeningly unpredictable environment.

Dreadful Dungeons and Mysterious Secrets

Image: Studium | No Exit Backerkit

Within the Studium, various wards function as treacherous dungeons, each utilizing a unique randomization system. Embark on perilous explorations, uncover hidden secrets, and encounter formidable dangers within these evocative spaces. Brace yourself for narratives that captivate the imagination and immerse you in the haunting depths of the Studium.

Confronting Monstrous Terrors

Once the rulers of the Studium, now the inhabitants have lost control, setting loose monstrous terrors upon the world. Players must face off against these gruesome foes, capable of harnessing mysterious powers drawn from the dark history of the Studium. Engage in combat where classic tabletop dice-rolling meets a tactical targeting system, rewarding strategic planning. Only through collaboration, exploiting enemy weaknesses, and employing careful tactics can the horrors be overcome.

Harnessing Power through Knowledge

Survival in the Studium demands growth and resilience. Each character evolves and becomes more formidable as they accumulate knowledge from their encounters. Overcoming adversity, forming bonds with other characters, and engaging in reflective research all contribute to the sharpening of their skills. Milestones achieved along the way grant vital enhancements to survivability, reflecting the accumulation of knowledge, mastery of battle crafts, teamwork, and even romantic bonds. The unique “Reflection” system allows players to utilize the Studium’s abundant resources, forging potent weapons, armor, and accessories.

Enter the Studium, Embrace the Terror

Prepare to face the horrors that lie within the Studium. Become one of the first 250 backers and secure an exclusive micro-expansion, featuring a special starting class card, relic weapon die, and exclusive relic gear cards. Stay informed and be notified of the Kickstarter launch by signing up today. The Studium awaits those brave enough to step into its shadowy depths. Are you ready to wield your sword against the encroaching darkness?

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