Image: Cysmic Kickstarter
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Star Reach Games’ Sci-Fi Strategy Board Game, Cysmic, Skyrockets on Kickstarter

Dynamic Gameplay and Stunning Components Fuel Excitement Among Fans

Image: Cysmic Kickstarter

Star Reach Games’ highly anticipated sci-fi strategy board game, Cysmic, has taken Kickstarter by storm, surpassing $88,000. The campaign concludes on May 26, and sci-fi enthusiasts and strategy game lovers eagerly await the game’s release.

Cysmic immerses players in a thrilling battle for survival on the dying surface of Kepler-62e. They are boasting an infinite, dual-layered board and a Deluxe Edition that features over 200 meticulously crafted miniatures. As a player, you will assume the role of a faction leader. You will try commanding your forces in a no-holds-barred conflict as the world teeters on the brink of annihilation.

GIF: Cysmic Kickstarter

Throughout the game, you will strategically gather resources, capture enemy units, collect blueprints, and strive to construct your colony ship. Beware of seismic events that trigger sections of the board to crumble away, escalating toward a cataclysmic climax engulfed in flames. Once your colony ship is ready, the race to escape begins, with the first faction to launch not only securing their own survival but also obliterating the planet in a fiery spectacle. In Cysmic, there are no points or consolation prizes—victory means life, while defeat means certain demise.

Game of decisions and combat

While Cysmic boasts an impressive table presence, the game mechanics are surprisingly accessible. Each turn follows a straightforward process of burning a card, playing a card and choosing a bonus action. Combat plays a pivotal role as you vie for crucial blueprint knowledge held by your opponents. By emerging victorious in battles, you can secure valuable hostages for trade, also leveraging their release to acquire vital technology. Beware the Tremor Tracker, as combat and other actions can trigger devastating seismic events, rending the dual-layered game board apart.

Image: Cysmic Kickstarter

Gather Influence and Crystal Ore with strategic utilization of support units to sustain your war machine. These resources are essential for translating acquired blueprints into functional modules for your colony ship. However, completing your ship is not the end of the journey. Decisions must be made about the units left behind, and your conscience will be put to the test as you roll the Humanity Die. Finally, balancing the needs of the many against the fate of the few becomes a gripping moral dilemma.

In conclusion, Cysmic is a high-stakes, fast-paced game that rewards strategic thinking and quick decision-making. With no room for second place, the Kickstarter campaign for Cysmic remains open, inviting board game enthusiasts to dive into an exhilarating sci-fi universe where victory is the ultimate prize. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—check out the Kickstarter campaign for Cysmic before time runs out.

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