Spiderweb Software’s Geneforge 2 Remastered Kickstarter campaign surpasses goal!

The cult classic RPG gets a modern update with new features and expanded storylines


Spiderweb Software has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a remastered version of the RPG Geneforge 2. The studio, run by Jeff Vogel and his wife Marian Krizsan, makes deep and open-ended RPGs with minimal visual effects. The 2003 release of Geneforge 2 got an 80% score in a review that lauded it as a great game for RPG novices. The remastered version will keep the same formula. The main goal is to get it running smoothly on modern hardware, including mobile devices.

Image: Geneforge 2 Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign has already doubled its goal, with more than two weeks still remaining. The success means that the remastered version of Geneforge 2 will feature new characters, storylines, abilities, game mechanics, and more.
There are also plans to remaster the other games in the Geneforge series. Vogel describes this as an innovative effort to create a game unlike anything else. The game in which the player can achieve any ending without attacking a foe.

Image: Geneforge 2 Kickstarter

Vogel hopes to leave a legacy of enjoyable and solid games for players to enjoy, as Spiderweb Software has been making RPGs for almost 30 years. The Geneforge 2: Infestation Kickstarter campaign runs until March 10, with an expected release in early 2024 for PC, Mac, and iPad.

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