Image: Alice is Missing Kickstarter
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Silent tabletop RPG “Alice is Missing” wins ENNIE Award and expands on Kickstarter

Hunters Books and Renegade Game Studios’ award-winning game adds new playable characters, suspects, and clues in the Silent Falls expansion

Image: Alice is Missing Kickstarter

Hunters Books and Renegade Game Studios’ Alice is Missing has recently taken home the gold ENNIE Award for Best Game, Best Rules, and Product of the Year during the 2021 ENNIE Awards. This silent tabletop RPG is played via text messages and uses cards to prompt the events of the game.

In Alice is Missing, players take on the roles of people connected to Alice Briarwood. This teenage girl from the quiet town of Silent Falls, California, has mysteriously gone missing. As players investigate to learn more about her life, relationships, and each other. In this journey, they will find themselves immersed in an emotional experience that plays on a timer. This highly recommended game has already gained a lot of popularity among players.

What’s new

The Silent Falls expansion has just been launched on Kickstarter and is already funded. This expansion includes 38 new cards, which is more than half of the cards from the original game. It also offers 4 new playable characters, 3 new suspects, 3 new locations, 22 new clues, and 2 relationship cards with a total of 12 new prompts to increase players’ connections to other characters.

Image: Alice is Missing Kickstarter

The Caloma Caves is a new location that players can explore in the expansion. They can confront new suspects, such as Alice’s distant father, and discover new conclusions to the story. The expansion introduces new clue cards, including standard time stamps, three new 10-minute timestamp cards, and a replacement 90-minute card.

Alice is Missing is a unique tabletop RPG experience that has garnered a lot of attention from the gaming community. This new expansion promises to add even more depth to the story and gameplay. Fans of the original game and newcomers alike should definitely check out the Silent Falls expansion on Kickstarter.

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