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Shadows of Kilforth – Unique Adventure in an Unique World

Gloom of Kilforth was warmly received by board game fans – especially the solo players. Shadows of Kilforth, its sequel, has everything in place to either repeat that success… or top it.

Welcome to Kilforth

Shadows of Kilforth is a game for 1-4 players who will take on the roles of heroes belonging to various races and classes. They will be tasked with wandering through eastern regions of Kilforth, where a huge amount of perils awaits them along with fame, glory and riches. New adventures will let you develop your character, and the whole game is supposed to be an experience comparable to a top notch pen & paper RPG sessions. 25 locations, a plethora of quests, numerous enemies, absorbing story…

Players will have 25 days to develop their skills and finally defeat The Ancient – a mysterious evil entity. The game can take shape of either cooperation or rivalry. Solo play is also possible with a single hero burdened with saving the entire Kilforth.

The visual side of the game is stunning. All cards have unique illustrations, which are simply breathtaking. The game sports almost 300 cards, which makes interacting with Shadows of Kilforth a pure pleasure not only thanks to the mechanics, but also because of how great the game looks.

Where to Begin?

Since we’re dealing with the second installment, the story tells about completely new adventures, new heroes, new opponents etc. The only thing Shadows of Kilforth has in common with its predecessor is the world, and you can easily begin your journey with this installment. If you own or plan to own the previous game, it’s worth mentioning that they’re compatible and cards can be shuffled together for even grander experience!


Shadows of Kilforth along with all the unlocked stretch goals is priced at $66. Backers also get the $132 option to order the game along with 3 expansions: Dark Shadows (14 cards with new illustrations), Adventures (54 new cards) and Pimp My Shadows (component upgrade including dice, location cards and a bigger bag). Each expansion can also be ordered separately.

After the pledge manager is open you will also be able to buy Gloom of Kilforth and other games by Hall or Nothing.

The Kickstarter campaign will last until April 1st, and so far the backers have pledged almost $130.000. The game is expected to be shipped around January 2020.

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