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Rise to Nobility – Reprint and Expansion Now on Kickstarter

Rise to Nobility is a board game about dice management, funded on Kickstarter in 2017. The game was warmly received by board gamers all over the world. A new campaign has started on October 3th, and backers are able to get their hands on new expansion, while people who missed out on the previous campaign can finally order the core game.

Rise to Nobility managed to collect over $370.000 on Kickstarter. The illustrations were created by Mihajlo “The Mico” Dimitrievski, who’s well-known to tabletop gaming fans. The game also sports a 7.2 score on Board Game Geek which is a pretty neat achievement.

Macedonian Final Frontier Games, known for Cavern Tavern and Robin Hood and the Merry Men, was so happy with the reception of their game, that they’ve decided to upgrade it with a new expansion called Beyond.

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The core game threw us into a city named Caveborn, that had aspirations to become the capital of the realm. A place where all races could live in peace. Our task was to prove, that we can properly lead it. To achieve this, we had to raise the value of our land, meet the needs of current citizens, attract some new ones, create job opportunities and make everything constantly develop. Kind of what political candidates usually promise.

The rules of the game are simple and based on placing your dice in optimal way on various areas of the board. These correspond with certain actions. The variety of potential decisions and having to adjust to the situation on the board made Rise to Nobility one of the most interesting dice placement games out there. Having a solo variant was also a huge plus.

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The expansion makes the board bigger, introduces a new twist to the reputation mechanic, and gives a wider variety of choices during gameplay. It not only adds fresh ways to get points but, thanks to the “tableau building”, allows players to create an engine of sorts, that evolves during the course of the game.

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The expansions itself is priced at $34 and includes:

  • instruction booklet
  • a board
  • 89 cards (five of them for solo mode)
  • over 70 wooden components
  • 50 pieces of a new type of resource

For $124 you can order the expansion and the deluxe edition of Rise to Nobility. This pack comes with a set of metal coins and a big box to house all the components.

Everything can be also ordered as addons: the box costs $15, Rise to Nobility Deluxe $60, the metal coins 25$. You can also order Cavern Tavern deluxe edition for $55 and a small expansion to that game called The Long Night for $8.

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Additionally, everyone who supports this campaign, and has supported a project by this publisher before, will get the Rise to Nobility: Night Mode Character Pack for free. Others can get it for $8.

The campaign has managed to collect over 300% of its initial goal, which unlocked 3 first stretch goals. Project is planned to end on  October 23rd. With so much time left, all backers can be sure, that they’ll get even more additional bang for their buck.

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