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Reichbusters: Projekt Vril – Time to Kick Some Nazi Ass!

Upcoming Kickstarter Board Game

Latest project from Mythic Games is heading to Kickstarter on November 20th. Reichbusters: Projekt Vril will take us to an alternative year 1944, where the Nazis found a mysterious energy source called Vril. Vril can easily turn the tides of World War II to their advantage, and we can’t let that happen.


Vril powers their experimental weapons, that let them dominate the battlefields with ease. The only hope for the Allies lies in an elite unit, that will have to go on a suicide mission, and infiltrate the enemy fortress, lying in the very center of the Third Reich. That’s where the complex producing the weapons is located. Our heroes, controlled by the players, will attempt to destroy it once and for all.

Let’s Rewrite History

Reichbusters: Projekt Vril is a co-op game aimed at 1-4 players. Each of them plays as one hero of the Allies, represented by a 32mm miniature. Soldiers are diverse and provide different gameplay styles. You can personalize your heroes even more by equipping them with gear, tools and new skills. This improves replayability by a lot.


Reichbusters offers 2 game modes. The campaign will let you tackle missions and develop your characters. Single scenarios on the other hand, will be quite random. That includes elements like main goals, sidequests, opponents and the board. You’ll create your team from a bunch of heroes, who will give you special bonuses (based on connections between certain soldiers).


The early phase of the game is rather on the calmer side. The best tactic is to eliminate your enemies silently, and avoid running into the castle while screaming BANZAI. Don’t worry though, as sooner or later someone will notice you, and the real fighting will ensue!

You will not only fight Nazis, but also the products of their disturbing experiments: all of them mutated, armored and ruthless.


Players lose when they get caught (they can’t die). To win, you have to achieve all your mission goals and successfully escape from the castle. It’s important to be quick, as enemy forces are numerous and you need to evacuate, before getting surrounded.


During turns heroes can move, fight, pick up items and interact with some elements of the board. All actions can be modified by hero cards and their own skills. Each card generates noise, so the more you play, the bigger attention will Nazis pay to your squad. Combat and tests are performed by a set of custom dice. Their amount and results rolled can also be modified by certain mechanics.

“Reichbusters: Projekt Vril feels like an exciting game, set in an alternative history. The idea reminds me of Wolfenstein, and… that’s a huge plus in my book! The campaign is planned for November 20th. That’s when we’ll learn more about pricing, funding goal and stretch goals.”

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