Image: The Village of Omelette Kickstarter
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Quirky Village of Omelette calls for Heroes to Defeat Lurking Army of Duckness

Join the Wacky Adventure in AquaLoonia with the DuckQuest RPG’s Latest Release

Image: The Village of Omelette Kickstarter

The Village of Omelette, a new quirky adventure zine for the tabletop roleplaying game DuckQuest, has been released on Kickstarter. The game is a homage to the legendary EGG, set in the wondrous world of AquaLoonia.

The adventure takes place in the idyllic country setting of Omelette, a quirky little village nestled in rolling hills a few leagues north of the Temple of Eggsistential Ennui. Many villagers are keen to see what adventurers will find and are placing bets on who will come back in one piece. So who will succeed? Will it be the bold knight, the clever tinker rogue, the egg-centric lizard wizard, or the bawdy bionic bard?

Image: The Village of Omelette Kickstarter

The Village of Omelette is an ode to the old RuneQuest RPG books, played straight but also silly as hell. It features unique characters, the village, the surrounding wilderness, and nearby ruins. All this is brought to life by amazing art from Chet Minton, Dean Spencer, and Robert Rudnicki, with character portraits, contributed by the game’s creator.

Image: The Village of Omelette Kickstarter

Finally, for only $10 US, players can snag The Village of Omelette in PDF format on Kickstarter. The digital release is part of Zine Quest and #ZIMO 2023, supporting the Table Top Roleplaying Games Community globally.

So gather your friends, grab your ducats, and embark on this duckly humorous adventure, where a war is brewing between Law and Chaos, and new creatures, factions, powers, and wonders await you in Omelette!

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