Image: Sally Face Kickstarter
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Portable Moose Launches Kickstarter for Sally Face: Strange Nightmares Tabletop Game

Iconic Indie Game Expands Universe with Unique Cooperative Mystery Experience

Image: Sally Face Kickstarter

Portable Moose, creators of Sally Face, launched a Kickstarter for Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, a new tabletop game. Maestro Media, Brand Central, and Steve Gabry have collaborated to create a cooperative adventure mystery game that brings the virtual universe of Sally Face to life.

Players can assume the roles of iconic characters from the video game as they investigate the mysteries plaguing their homes and town. Also, each chapter of the tabletop game presents unique challenges and victory conditions to prevent repetition and keep the game engaging.

GIF: Sally Face Kickstarter

Additionally, Kickstarter backers will receive exclusive goodies, such as vinyl figures, apparel, and home decor, as well as original music. Moreover, the expansion of the Sally Face universe will feature a subscription mystery box program called Sally Face: Strange Boxes. It will feature limited edition items with collaborations from well-known artists within the gaming, comic, and indie realms.

Sally Face: Strange Nightmares Kickstarter campaign will last until 31 March. The tabletop game is recommended for all video game fans.

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