Image: Pioneer Rails Kickstarter
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Pioneer Rails from Dranda Games Hits Over £32,000 on Kickstarter

Image: Pioneer Rails Kickstarter

Dranda Games’ latest game, Pioneer Rails, has surpassed £10,000 on Kickstarter, reaching over £32,000 in pledges.

In Pioneer Rails, players become railroad owners who aim to expand their empire through the new lands of the wild west, competing with other railroad owners by designing the best railway possible, connecting establishments, and satisfying the locals’ demands.

Image: Pioneer Rails Kickstarter

Pioneer Rails is a Flip & Write game that uses poker cards to extend players’ railway tracks while building a poker hand at the same time. Each turn, players choose one of the revealed poker cards, and the card’s suit helps them extend their railway, connecting them to new towns and surrounding features. Players gain the ability to do a one-time bonus when they connect to a town, and they activate features for end-game scoring when they surround them with their tracks.

The Kickstarter campaign for Pioneer Rails is still ongoing, and backers can pledge to receive exclusive rewards while supporting the game’s development.

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