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Outgunned RPG Surpasses Kickstarter Goal on Day One, Inspired by Action and Heist Classics

A Cinematic Action RPG Filled with Thrilling Adventures and Heroic Feats

Image: Outgunned Kickstarter

Outgunned by Two Little Mice has launched its Kickstarter campaign, and it has already achieved remarkable success. The project surpassed its initial goal of €10,000 with an impressive €151,000 in pledges. The campaign concludes on May 25 and continues to captivate backers and enthusiasts alike.

Drawing inspiration from iconic action and heist films such as Die Hard, James Bond, Kingsman, Ocean’s Eleven, and John Wick. Outgunned invites players to step into the shoes of Heroes as they confront a formidable Villain.

The heart of Outgunned lies in its core book, which presents a comprehensive set of game rules. Within its pages, players will discover a range of Character options, Weapons, Enemies, and Campaign rules, providing a solid foundation for immersive gameplay. And for those seeking additional content, Project Medusa offers a collection of premade Shots to further enhance the experience.

World of Killers

Image: Outgunned Kickstarter

Moreover, Outgunned introduces “World of Killers,” a supplement inspired by the intensity of the John Wick series. This expansion presents a fresh underworld setting, along with new rules and a new Role for Heroes known as the Hired Gun. Within “World of Killers,” players will also find a full ready-to-play Campaign and four premade Heroes, ready to take on the challenges that await them.

Powered by the innovative Director’s Cut game mechanics, Outgunned delivers an engaging and cinematic gameplay experience. By utilizing small pools of six-sided dice, players determine the outcome of risky and dangerous tasks. The goal is not to roll the highest or lowest possible total but rather to skillfully combine equal symbols.

With its successful Kickstarter campaign and a growing community of supporters, Outgunned promises to bring the thrilling action and suspense of beloved films to the tabletop.

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