Image: Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter
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Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter Exceeds Funding Goal, Raising Over $5,112

A Streamlined Tabletop RPG Inspired by Video Games and Anime

The Kickstarter campaign for Otherworlds® TRPG has achieved remarkable success, surpassing its initial funding goal of $1,000 and amassing over $3,000 in support. Otherworlds is a tabletop roleplaying game that also offers a streamlined system designed to provide a unique experience for those who embrace their differences.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of video games and anime, Otherworlds has been meticulously crafted over a decade of hard work and extensive playtesting. Furthermore, the game offers players a wealth of customization options and simplified rules, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Image: Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter

Within the pages of the Otherworlds Core Rulebook, players will discover a rich tapestry of content. With 12 races, 12 classes, 12 sub-classes, the ability to create hybrid classes, 24 themes encompassing backgrounds, also array of equipment and items, 85 friends and enemies, 34 enemy variants, 12 distinct worlds, 10 vehicles with additional transportation options, over 150 spells, story tables, and more, the possibilities for adventure and inspiration are boundless.

Who is Otherworlds for?

Image: Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter

If you’re new to tabletop roleplaying games, fear not! Otherworlds feature a streamlined system that requires half the learning curve compared to other similar games. Gone are the days of scouring through countless pages to grasp the basics. Otherworlds is a lean, fighting machine, ready to help you kick ass in your gaming adventures.

For veterans of tabletop roleplaying games, Otherworlds introduces a plethora of fresh ideas that will ignite your imagination. Moreover, with new races, abilities, and mechanics, the game offers a delightful blend of the recognizable and the unexpected. So, prepare to be challenged and captivated in ways that will leave you eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

Image: Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter

The success of the Otherworlds® TRPG Kickstarter campaign will be a testament to the enthusiasm and support it has garnered. So prepare yourself to embrace the diversity of Otherworlds as it brings a new level of excitement to the world of TRPG’s.

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