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Nocturion – Dice and Royal Conflict in a Grim Fantasy World (UPDATE)

Updated January 16th 2019

Nocturion is a new game by Vesuvius Media, known for the successful Kickstarter campaigns related to their Dwar7s tabletop game series. This time however, they’ve picked a much darker theme for their campaign, and… managed do collect over 500% of the initial goal already.


Nocturion is a worker placement game, and the workers are represented by dice. Players take on the roles of heads of noble houses, that have to take the future of a realm called Evergreen into their own hands. They’re tasked with completing quests, creating an army, and fining lost, legendary heirlooms.

Each house is different, so their ways of achieving the final victory vary. Replayability is also increased thanks to the board, that changes its shape every time you play. Some locations don’t have their default placement spots on the map, and may surprise you, each time you play.

The rules are simple to grasp: you roll a whole pool of dice and next, in turns, everyone picks these that they want to use in the next phase. Then we mark certain actions with dice, and then perform these. Actions usually mean collecting resources, completing quests, catching beasts and looking for family heirlooms. Each gives you more advantages near the end of the game, and allows gaining more points than your rivals. Scoring high gives you plenty of respect and glory, leading you to victory.

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The World of Nocturion

Visuals were created by Damien Mammoliti, known for e.g. the newest edition of Brass. Both cards and the board look simply beautiful, and it’s visible that the author can work with fantasy settings as well, as he does with XIXth century England ones.

Nocturion itself is set in a world created by Mark Alexander for an online game with the same name. The world is incredibly rich and without doubt could be explored many more times. If the game is well received, we may expect expansions and other board and video games from the same universe.

Kickstarter Campaign

So far the players seem interested in the game. The initial goal was set at $10.000, and Vesuvius Media managed to collect over $51.000. They have still have time until January 16th, when the campaign ends.

The core version of the game costs only $35, although the deluxe edition seems to be much more popular. Priced at $60 it comes with a 56 pages long comic called “Echoes of Immortality” set in the world of Nocturion, 60 realistic tokens as well as all the stretch goals related to this edition of the game.

(UPDATE) : The campaign ended successfully, surpassing the funding goal by 1484% thanks to raising $145,452 by 2655 backers. 20 stretch goals were reached as well. “This crowdfunding campaign exceeded all our expectations!” said Konstantinos Manos, the CEO of Vesuvius Media.”We are a very small team, but we have big dreams and we’re making them happen together!”

Campaign link

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