Image: Ninja Sloths Kickstarter
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Ninja Sloths Card Game Surpasses $234,000 in Kickstarter Funding

A Competitive Strategic Adventure for Ninja Enthusiasts and Card Game Lovers

Image: Ninja Sloths Kickstarter

Ninja Sloths, the captivating turn-based competitive card game, has already raised an impressive $234 000 in its ongoing Kickstarter campaign. With the campaign set to conclude on May 26, eager backers have an opportunity to support this thrilling project.

Designed for 2-6 players, Ninja Sloths invites participants to assemble their very own squad of stealthy sloth ninjas. The mission: is to skillfully heist precious gems from nefarious guards while cunningly evading the sabotage attempts of their adversaries. Equipping their squads with weapons, action cards, and various items, players strategically carve their path to victory. Will you outsmart the guards or perhaps even pilfer gems from your fellow players?

The ultimate goal is simple: the player who successfully heists the most gems emerges as the victor. To gain a deeper understanding of the gameplay mechanics, we recommend watching the engaging video on the campaign page, which offers comprehensive details.

Image: Ninja Sloths Kickstarter

As part of this Kickstarter project, exclusive collectible items have been created specifically for backers. These one-of-a-kind treasures are tokens of appreciation and won’t be available through any other channels, including retail or online platforms after the initial production run concludes. Act swiftly to secure these unique rewards before they are sold out.

Ninja Sloths presents a captivating experience where players assemble their squads, plan heists, and outwit opponents. With its competitive turn-based gameplay and strategic depth, this game appeals to both card game enthusiasts and lovers of quirky and adorable characters. Don’t miss the chance to explore the Ninja Sloths Kickstarter campaign before it concludes on May 26. The game has already exceeded its funding goal and promises to captivate players of all ages.

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