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Newspeak – Turn Your Friday Party Into a Dystopia in 30 minutes!

Welcome to the Perfect World!

Newspeak is a tabletop game, that presents a dark, yet depressingly realistic future, where Orwell’s vision from ”1984” became real thanks to smartphones, Augmented Reality and social media.

People track each other and know almost everything about all living beings around them. Everyone is being watched by everyone and there’s barely any way to stay safe… Unless you know a thing or 2 about hacking and feel brave enough to try breaking the system.

Newspeak takes inspiration not only from the classic book about the Big Brother, but also pop culture pieces like Mr. Robot and Black Mirror – all known for their hopeless depictions of the world, that might await us.

Dissidents vs Moderators

Newspeak can be played in by 3 to 6 people at once. At the beginning everyone divides into 2 teams. One plays as Dissidents, who want to break the system and show the world as it is,and the other as the Moderators who chase and try to stop them. Both teams sit at the opposite sides of a table. Dissidents decide on a code card they’ll be using to communicate in this dangerous world.

Remaining cards go back to the box. Meanwhile the Moderators get a sheet corresponding with what their opponents chose. Codes have varying difficulty, and beginners should choose the one with a single star.

Next you take the location deck and pick 9 location cards. Place them in a 3×3 square shape on the table.

Resistance leader, who leads the Dissidents, chooses one of the small code cards and places it on the top of cards held in hand. Other Dissidents take the same one, while hiding from the eyes of Moderators. The card will be the basis of their secret communication.

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The Game is On

After the set-up is over – goals are pretty simple. Dissidents need to hack as many locations as possible and show people the true nature of the world. Moderators have to stop them by all means.

Next: lead dissident needs to tell his or her friends which location they should aim their dials at. He has to use words suggested in the code on the chosen card. The only way to succeed is communicating in a way, that won’t let the second team guess which code you’re using, and what place you’re talking about.

After 2 minutes pass on the hourglass, all dissidents secretly (from each other too) choose the location number on their dials. Then the moderators have 1 minute to talk, and place their black hourglass on the place they suspect the most for being chosen by their opponents.

Does the Revolution Succeed?

Time for the finale. Players can now check their dials. If more than half of dissidents are on the right location, and not a single dissident went to a location with the moderation hourglass – the location is turned over, hacked, and shows reality.

If the location picked by Moderators had some Dissidents standing there, it’s discarded. When moderators discard 3 locations this way they win the game. Dissidents on the other hand, have to hack 3 locations without being caught.

The whole art of playing Newspeak lies in clever wordplays, and playing with sentences to make the opposing team confused. You can also go for synonyms or other words to describe the location, and make everything even more chaotic. Just remember, that your team has to guess the location too. Set your traps carefully!

luodo ninja

LOODO: “This feels like more story heavy Codenames or Decrypto. The atmosphere is unique, and while pink is far from my favourite colours, I love the design. Feels almost cyberpunkish!”

Newspeak joined Kickstarter today, after a small reset. They’ve already managed to collected ¾ of the funding goal and, guessing from the early materials, the game has the potential to join other code-breaking-party-game halls of fame.

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