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Nemo’s War – Reprint and Two New Expansions

Nemo’s War is a fantastic solo game, that had its debut in 2009. Since then, it managed to get a second edition (including a huge visual overhaul) and even a small expansion. Victory Point Games must have decided, that instead of taking a longer vacation, they’ll begin yet another Kickstarter campaign involving a new reprint and 2 completely new expansions.


Solo Against the World

Nemo’s War is set in the world of “20 000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. The player takes on the role of the brave captain Nemo, who traverses the oceans on his Nautilus looking for… all sorts of things – as we have 4 different motives of our actions. These greatly affect the scoring at the end of each game.


Nemo’s War was illustrated by Ian O’Toole, known mostly from his work with Vital Lacerda. All elements are easy to read, feel high quality and look simply fantastic. Game is also amazing when it comes to the mechanics, and keeps getting lots of praise from the solo gaming community. Sure, you can also play it with more players, but most people don’t treat this variant too seriously. The captain is only one, and there’s no point of lending him to somebody, even for a while!



luodo ninja

“Now this is my kind of game! Easily one of the best solo experiences on the market. And the era that the action takes place in. So many memories…”





Expansion #2: Bold and Caring


The second expansion adds 2 new motives for our captain: Adventure and Humanist. Both will allow you to approach the gameplay in a completely different way. The “adventure” motive will obviously focus on adventures, and a new part for Nautilus called the Diving Apparatus will help in winning tests, often found on the adventure cards.

“The Humanist” on the other hand will want to learn about the common people and their problems. Instead of fighting, Nemo will prefer diplomacy. Instead of provoking people, he’ll work to gain their respect and will want to win their favor.

Expansion #3: Dramatis Personae


This expansion will give us 10 new cards: 9 new adventures and 1 new finale card. The cards include new characters that can join us during the game and help in safe navigation towards the end. “Nemo’s Successors” is the eighth card in the game allowing us to finish the session.


The Kickstarter Campaign

Two expansions cost $12 total. If you have the core game and want to get the expansions only – the set of all 3 is priced at $18.

If you never got into Nemo’s War, you can change that for $75 and get the whole core set along with all the expansions. Everything is going to get shipped in April. The campaign managed to get over $100.000 in pledges, despite having no stretch goals. Instead, each backer gets 2 promotional holiday cards that will come with the third expansion. After the campaign ends, backers will be able to buy special pins from the game, token and treasure sacks and a stylish cloth-like board.


The newest campaign for Nemo’s War will last until December 18th.

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