Image: The Mystery Flesh Pit Kickstarter
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Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG goes on Kickstarter

Explore the Bizarre World of the Flesh Pit in an Exciting Tabletop RPG

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG is now ongoing, surpassing $38,000 of its $15,000 goal. Delve into the strange and captivating universe of the Mystery Flesh Pit as you join the adventure and help bring this unique tabletop role-playing game to life.

The story of the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG takes place in an alternate 1973 timeline. Oilmen accidentally uncover a living behemoth beneath the plains of West Texas. This enigmatic creature spreads across a vast underground ecosystem filled with astonishing anatomical systems and unexplained phenomena. Originally a roadside attraction, the Mystery Flesh Pit became a National Park in the 1980s under Federal control.

Image: The Mystery Flesh Pit Kickstarter

Artist Trevor Roberts meticulously documented this fictional alternate dimension on the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park website. The site showcases the Pit’s evolution through tourism materials, government memos, and safety manuals, all satirically portraying the horror within. Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG aims to capture the essence of this setting.

In the game, players will experience the park’s heyday, where countless visitors explored the perilous fleshscape. While Anodyne Corporation secretly exploited the Pit’s resources, creating groundbreaking technologies, your characters can also face the challenges of the catastrophic 2007 event that closed the park. Today, the former park serves as a clandestine government facility, struggling to keep the dormant giant at bay.

Aim of the campaign

The Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the production of a hardcover print-on-demand book through DriveThruRPG. Using the flexible Cypher System, known for its adaptability in horror and dimension-hopping games, the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG promises an immersive gameplay experience. Backers will receive an early access manuscript, a beta PDF, and stretch goals will unlock additional content such as new monsters, an adventure trilogy, and surprises.

Join the Kickstarter campaign and embark on an extraordinary adventure into the bizarre world of the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park. Help shape the game and prepare to face the mysteries that await within the fleshy depths.

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