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Monumental Merges a Deck-Builder With a 4X Game

Monumental is a Civilization-style game, that got funded in less than 2 hours. The Kickstarter campaign got board game fans hooked with some bold ideas, interesting concepts, and great presentation.

Monumental is a game, where 1-4 players lead small, budding civilizations. Our task is to lead our people in a way, that lets them become the biggest civilization in the history of mankind. We will have 3 eras to pull that off. Deck building is the core mechanic of Monumental – we begin the game with 14 cards and keep getting new ones. Each one will have a potential to make our civilization stronger. Every nation has different cards, and thanks to that, each specializes in different things, and has separate advantages and disadvantages.


Deck building is Your Key to Success

The mechanism of activating cards is innovative – at first: we build our city as a 3×3 square, so there are 9 cards total. Each round has us activating 5 of them – always a single column or a single row. Thanks to that, we often have difficult decisions to make, and plenty of combos to activate. At first we only have access to basic huts, but as the time goes on, we will not only create buildings, but also the “Wonders of the World”.


Effective card management is going to be vital, if you want to achieve your final success. During the game we will decide which cards are worth buying, how to add them to the city, where to locate them and which ones to activate in a certain round.

“There are so many games like that already… but I love them. I remember spending a whole night playing Through the Ages, while visiting my friends in Paris”




Exploration and Conquest

Cards work as our nation’s culture, and tokens/minis – as our military strength. At first we can attack barbarians and city states only, but later on, the conflicts with the civilizations of other players will become unavoidable. Each player will also have his or her leader, with an unique ability.


The board is made out of tiles. These are two-sided, which gives us many map combinations and guarantees, that each session will be different. Terrain tiles can be put together in a certain way when playing scenarios, but you can also use your imagination and create something of your own.

Monumental and Stunning

When you take a look at Monumental, you can’t deny how beautiful and well illustrated it is. Visuals are amazing and remind me of “7 Wonders”. Terrain tiles are colorful and full of detail, while the minis are just begging to be painted. There’s a whopping 70 of them, and the biggest ones measure over 50mm. In the box you’ll also find 500 cards, and other elements that will help you develop your civilization.


Kickstarter Exclusive

If you like Monumental, you have time until November 22nd to back the game. Getting it at a later date might prove difficult, as the entire project is a “Kickstarter Exclusive”, and that means, it won’t be available at retail.


For 65 EUR you can get the core version of the game with tokens working as warriors. If you’d like your army to be more realistic, you might have to take 90 EUR from your piggy bank.

During the campaign there’s also an expansion available. “The Lost Kingdoms” is priced at 55 EUR with 75 for the version with 56 new minis.

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