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Miniatures in Kickstarter Board Games – Survey Results

We’re really happy about the number of replies we got from you. The survey attached to the last article about miniatures in Kickstarter board games was filled by 185 readers. Let’s take a look at the results.

Wykres odpowiedzi z Formularzy. Tytuł pytania: Does the presence of minis make you more likely to buy a game?. Liczba odpowiedzi: 185 odpowiedzi.

As you can see above, most people we asked on board game related FB groups and in our own article prefer games with minis. Only 19,5% dislikes them enough to hold back from getting a game, even if they enjoy its mechanics.

Wykres odpowiedzi z Formularzy. Tytuł pytania: Are you willing to pay more if the game has miniatures?. Liczba odpowiedzi: 185 odpowiedzi.

Backers are in general willing to pay more for games including minis. This makes much sense considering how miniatures actually increase production costs and the entire price. That also makes it easier to understand why board game designers using Kickstarter often try to add miniatures at any cost.

Wykres odpowiedzi z Formularzy. Tytuł pytania: How many miniatures is enough for one board game?. Liczba odpowiedzi: 184 odpowiedzi.

When asked about the amount of minis enough for one game, most of you chose amounts between “a few” and up to 50 (73,9% total). Higher amounts of minis per game (51-100) are prefered by 23,4% and only 2,7% of you voted for 100 minis and more.

Wykres odpowiedzi z Formularzy. Tytuł pytania: Do you paint your minis?. Liczba odpowiedzi: 184 odpowiedzi.

The final question was also quite a surprise. We knew that many of you like painting minis, but didn’t expect nearly half of replies to be “yes”. Interacting with you game in ways other than playing shows how dedicated KS backers and the entire board gaming community are.

Thank you once again for all the replies. We will soon tackle another controversial, KS board game related topic, and ask you for your opinions. Stay tuned!

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