Image: Mini-Dungeon Tome II Kickstarter
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Mini-Dungeon Tome II Kickstarter Surpasses $54,000 in Funding

AAW Games’ Sequel to Best-Selling Mini-Dungeon Tome Offers Exciting Adventures for 5th Edition

Image: Mini-Dungeon Tome II Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Mini-Dungeon Tome II has achieved remarkable success, raising over $54,000 and counting. This highly anticipated sequel to the original Mini-Dungeon Tome, published by AAW Games in 2018, delivers an extensive collection of one-shots and side quests for 5th Edition.

Featuring more than 120 new mini-dungeons, Mini-Dungeon Tome II is a standalone expansion. These adventures are specifically crafted to require minimal preparation, which makes them ideal for levels 1–20.

GIF: Mini-Dungeon Tome II Kickstarter

Each two-page Mini-Dungeon is tailored to drop seamlessly into any campaign setting, offering terrain and level-specific challenges. With this comprehensive tome at your disposal, you’ll always have a fitting adventure for your game night or last-minute session.

More options

Spanning over 250 pages, Mini-Dungeon Tome II presents a wealth of captivating content. The limited edition hardcover showcases stunning artwork by Nat Damm, Seattle’s renowned band poster artist. This special print run, restricted to 500 copies, includes three ribbon bookmarks, custom endpapers, and additional surprises based on unlocked backer goals. The package also includes a PDF version for convenient access.

Image: Mini-Dungeon Tome II Kickstarter

For those seeking a more portable option, the softcover pocket edition, measuring approximately 6×8 inches or 170×220 mm, offers the perfect travel companion for destination game nights or conventions. This edition reduces package weight for international backers, resulting in reduced shipping and handling costs. As with the hardcover version, the pocket edition also includes a PDF.

To get a glimpse of what awaits within the Mini-Dungeon Tome II, interested readers can explore the free Preview Pack. A dedicated team of authors, editors, artists, and cartographers have worked diligently to refine their methods and deliver exceptional adventures for every tabletop.

The Mini-Dungeon Tome II promises to be an invaluable addition to the collection of any Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. It’s user-friendly adventures and versatile format cater to both players and dungeon masters alike. To learn more about the project and make a pledge, visit the Kickstarter page and join the thrilling journey.

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