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Millennium Blades: Collusion – a CCG About CCGs

There’s something addicting about collectible card games. If you ever played MTG or any other CCG title, I bet you know that feeling. Tearing apart a fresh booster pack, removing the packaging and checking what’s inside card by card, while inhaling a fragrance of fresh paper and printing paint. The excitement of finding rare, shining cards or creating a perfect deck to annoy your friends, is unmatched.

In the era of Munchkin and other genre parody titles, a tabletop game about playing CCGs shouldn’t feel too surprising. And that’s precisely what Millenium Blade is. A new expansion to the 2016 game is coming to Kickstarter, with the chance to get all of the products released so far.

Millennium Blades

The Millennium Blades franchise tells a story about a bunch of people, who devote most of their time to playing a certain collectible card game. Activities available in MB include getting new cards, going to events, trying luck at tournaments, collecting card sets and many, many more. Game length is actually on the longer side. A session can take up to 3 hours and authors have included a campaign mode, that makes it even longer and more challenging.

The visual side is cartoony and oozes colours. Many sets parody known pop culture phenomenons: from a certain word game with triple word bonuses to Sesame Street and anime. Artstyle inspired by japanese animation is easily one of the main reasons, the game has so many fans and stays successful on Kickstarter. It adds tons of flavour and gives it that unique, indie-like feeling.

Expanding the Game

The game had 2 Kickstarter campaigns so far, and there were plenty of promo cards released here and there. The newest campaign is first and foremost devoted to an expansion called “Collusion”.

Collusion gives players a huge set of 400 new cards and many quality of life upgrades for the original rules. E.g. the Store Deck is now divided into two separate ones.

The game can now be played in a new format called “Team Mode”. It groups players into parties of various sizes like 3v3 or 2v2v2. This makes some cards more useful than before, as they can be combined with others into something much, much stronger. Team cards replace character cards, and have their own unique abilities.

New NPC mechanic offers quests given by characters from the ingame universe. Completing these grants Victory Points valuable at the end of the session.

Back on Kickstarter

Finally: Millennium Blades: Collusion campaign also includes a better box to store all of the content. It should help with organizing all the sets and shorten the set-up and clean-up phases.

So far, the team at L99 has managed to collect over $250.000 in pledges, and is already close to topping the original campaign with 19 days left. The whole expansion will stay a Kickstarter / L99 Store exclusive permanently.

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