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Meet Qubtrix – a classic toy with a modern twist

A quiet summer evening begins by grabbing a wooden block, which will soon become the basis of a large structure over which I will spend at least a few more hours. I could of course speed up the process or create something smaller, but why? After all, this is where the fun is – or at least the most of it – turning what I have in my head into reality is very satisfying, but so are the possibilities that at this point seem to be endless. No, it’s not just putting one piece of wood on top of another, oh no – it’s so much more, because these blocks can be combined with other bricks – such as Lego Technic – to create a completely unique constructions. Combining the tradition and craftsmanship of making wooden blocks with the modernity of many different sets of companies already existing on the market is something that deserves the attention in particular. This is what Qubtrix is all about – surprise, possibilities and above all so much fun!

Qubtrix can be combined with other bricks for maximum fun!
Imagination knows no boundaries when you play with Qubtrix bricks!

How did a tree become a block

Chomranice is a small but charming village located in the Nowy Sącz poviat – this is a place where the history of Qubtrix blocks begins. It was here in 2018 where Daniel Pociecha, who comes from a family that historically dealt with wood processing, came up with an interesting idea to design and make his own wooden blocks. He wanted to give his and his friends’ children a toy that would be related to tradition, but in its essence would also contain the sense of modernity. Pociecha claims that wood has a soul, and that you can become soothed and relaxed simply by playing with wooden toys. For children, these type of toys can very early introduce them to the magical world of fun, while for adults they can be an unusual callback to the past, a nostalgic return to childhood. Qubtrix is ​​not only about wood and tradition though – it is also a number of innovative ideas that should bring playing blocks to young people and adults, positively influencing creativity and ingenuity.

An example of combination of Qubtrix and Lego Technic

And one, and two – Qubtrix Sets

The idea of ​​combining traditional wooden bricks with bricks from world-famous developers like LEGO appeared in Daniel’s head very quickly. Having children at home who loved to play with blocks of this brand, Pociecha began to think about the possibility of combining his creation with existing blocks – the idea was initially put on paper, and then into prototypes, which turned out to be successful enough to produce Qubtrix and start thinking more about his creation more seriously. The attractiveness of the blocks was very clear among the children – each of them was eager to play with slightly different, wooden and sturdy blocks. Qubtrix has become versatile – it could be used to build absolutely independent structures based only on its own sets but the possible incorporation of LEGO or LEGO Technic sets into the building process was incredibly easy and at the same time gave kids a lot of fun. Every single construction made through this particular mixture of possibilities made the whole process more fun and satisfying.

The more Qubtrix bricks you have the higher and more complex constructions you can build!

I demand the full set!

Qubtrix blocks are divided into several types of wooden blocks with different functions and features – the creators have actually already announced that even more types of blocks will be created. Currently two different sets are offered on Qubtrix website charmingly named Qubi 1 and Qubi 2. Each of these sets contain 13 bricks and the sets are compatible with each other – the more of them you have, the larger constructions you can create.

One set of Qubtrix includes:

1). 13 various blocks

2). 3 glass balls, which will be perfect for building ball racing tracks

3). 30 pins used for connecting blocks

The blocks themselves have been presented and described in detail on the Qubtrix website – you can visit it right here. Tower brick is the heart of each set – it works a as a base used for connecting with other bricks. By combining the tower with other pieces, including bricks with carved tunnels, bends, holes and more, one can create an amazing and complex construction that will fully reflect the initial idea. Let’s add to it the fact that you can also use the bricks you already own to quickly see that you can go crazy building whatever your heart intends.

Bridges, palaces, castles or tracks – build whatever tickles your fancy with Qubtrix!

Nominee for Pomelon 2022

Recently, in cooperation with Polish branch of Kick Agency, Qubtrix had the chance to showcase its possibilities through workshop that happened in Cracow, Poland. During that event 4 teams competed against each other to build the most creative and fascinating creation. All competitors managed to create fantastic constructions and some of the photos you can see within this article showcases their own work.

Qubtrix has also just been nominated for the Pomelon 2022 award which presents amazing, cool, innovative and educational toys for children. You can check out other participants and vote for Qubtrix by clicking here or on the photo below!

We can’t wait for further brick sets from Qubtrix – it seems that imagination is something that they work with on a daily basis! We also know that Qubtrix is only getting started – there’s much more to come and we’re sure you’ll be positively surprised with their creativity! If you’re interested in Qubtrix make sure to join our Newsletter list and ensure you know everything about Qubtrix first!

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