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Loodo Ninja – Which Board Games to Back in July?

There are 287 projects currently being funded in the “tabletop” category on Kickstarter.

Hello young lads and old friends. I bet you’ve missed me! My beard might have grown an inch or five but I’m still same as usual. Let’s look at what’s going on in the tabletop gaming world. I bet your wallets could use some good guidance!

  • Etherfields – This is currently my number one and a must back. The “all-in” costs 117 GBP so far but let’s be honest: it will go above 250 with all the unannounced add-ons. Still: an unique approach and the insanity of the dream world make me really want this one on my table/shelf.
  • Middara: Unintentional MalumIt’s a miracle that the original finally got to backers. The success of Act 2&3’s campaign sounds even more insane. I like the anime aesthetics, but the story might be a tad generic. Still, with the amount of content it offers, I’d go for it if you prefer the anime style over Etherfields’ strange one.
  • Trial By Trolley – A party game, huh? I usually skip these but this one let’s me run over people I don’t like with a tiny plastic train. Might back it.
  • Dice Throne: Adventures – Season 3 finally! Wait…. what? Instead we’re getting a “Diablo-like dungeon crawler” using characters from the original games and… I love it so far. Will keep my eyes on this one and decide on the final day.
  • Dwellings of Eldervale – A classic fantasy feel, with modern and innovative approach. Also not overpriced like some of the above. Has my seal of quality for sure!
  • Materia Prima – coming July 20th and apparently made mostly by one German teacher. Looks great visually and the mechanics convince me. I’ll keep my eye on it.
  • Trudvang Legends – the campaign finally has a launch date – 23rd July 2019. Mark your calendars as the previews seem delicious for ameri lovers so far. It’s high time CMON got a big hit on their hands again

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