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Loodo Ninja – Top Board Games to Back in Late September 2019

Time of Legends: Destinies; Everdell: Spirecrest; Everdell: Bellfaire; Tilt Five; Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

What a week! By now, I’m used to most big KS projects launching on Tuesdays, but this one was something else. Big names, technological innovations and some hidden indie gems – all at the same time.

Feeling lost? Time for some recommendations!

Time of Legends: Destinies – A match made in heaven? Probably. An unexpected collaboration between Mythic Games and Lucky Duck Games brought this one to us. ToL: Destinies is an adventure RPG set in the world of Joan of Arc (the 2017 board game). The main innovation is how the title utilizes QR codes. Lucky Duck is going even further with what they implemented in Chronicles of Crime. The app enhances storytelling and narration, keeps tracks of your stats and adds more info to the tiles lying on the table. I’m also positively surprised by the pricing. You can get the core box with 2 expansions for less than 80 dollars. And it comes with Mythic quality minis too!

Everdell: Spirecrest & Bellfaire – I love Everdell. The fairy tale like atmosphere of the game is fantastic. The components – beautiful. The gameplay is fast paced, and never feels too long. Latest Everdell campaign on Kickstarter features not one… but two new expansions. “Spirecrest” adds discovery cards, new map tiles and a card driven system of weather, which changes gameplay by a huge margin. “Bellfaire” focuses on new player powers, special events and enriches the game with new player boards to hold all of the resources. The new campaign also offers the original Everdell and its “Pearlbrook” expansion. Check them out if you haven’t!

Tilt Five – I don’t normally write about projects from categories other than “tabletop” but this one really took me by surprise and it still, can be treated as a board game. Tilt Five is a set of AR goggles, a special wand and a mat that can be used to play software based board games and RPGs. Contrary to CMON’s Teburu the games exist only in augmented reality. Same with all the components – like dice and player minis. The visuals are pretty advanced and allow for nice looking 3D graphics that keep moving and stay animated. Tilt Five allows some features never before seen in board games like internet streaming and showing something different to each of the players.

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game – Root is back on Kickstarter, but this time in the form of… a tabletop RPG! The rules are based on “Powered by Apocalypse” system and the game is set in the world of original ROOT. Players create their characters, and they’re all woodland vagabonds, unfit for the regular society. The group will travel through various areas of the woodland, complete quests, jobs and whatever else the GM challenges them with. The system is based around rolling two six sided dice. The core box covers 6 vagabond classes and includes its own map creation system. The expansion book has 6 more classes and some new features, like a guide to create campaigns. Additional extras include: a card deck with equipment and example denizens, some D6 dice, a set of maps and a GM screen.

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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc by Mythic. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

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